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Worried About my Breast Lift Complications (photo) [graphic]

I had implants removed & a breast lift with an anchor incision near the end of April had to go back the next day for another surgery to close up... READ MORE

Breast Lift Risks and Complications

How common is it to have complications after breast lift surgery? Generally, what are the risks of having a mastopexy? READ MORE

Breast Lift and Recommended Time off Work?

I've been wanting a breast lift for years now and surgery day is next week. I am truly excited and nervous about my up and coming surgery. The only... READ MORE

Incision Popping Open 6 and 8 Weeks Post-op Breast Lift

At 6 weeks and 8 weeks post-op breast lift surgery I have had a one inch section in the vertical incision under my nipple pop open releasing blood and... READ MORE

Incision too high up or implant bottomed out 3 weeks post op?

I am 3 weeks post mastopexy with augmentation. I've noticed that my incisions/scars are high up on the lower breast mound (approx 4cm on rt and... READ MORE

Complications of Mastopexy w/ Augmentation to Correct a Drooping Breast?

I have one breast with an implant however since pregnancy the other (natural) breast is left drooping with a lot of excess skin. I have read up on... READ MORE

Complications After Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift (Shock, Nerve Damage, Hematoma)

I'm a 27 yo female who had a full tummy tuck/breast lift in the end of January after losing 170 pounds over 5 year period. The night after surgery... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Continue Taking Magnesium Citrate Before Breast Lift Surgery?

I am scheduled for an implant removal, capsuletopmy and a breast lift on August 17, 2012 and would like to know if magnesium would cause bleeding... READ MORE

Can I Have Breast Lift or Reduction Without Epinephrine?

I am 37. I am seriously considering a breast reduction or a lift or both. I have had a hx of tachycardia (controlled with low dose of beta blocker)... READ MORE

I need a local PS in my area to help me until I follow up with my main PS in DR. (Photo)

I recently had a breast reduction/lift in Santiago, DR. I've encountered a lot of complications unexpectedly on the way, as I am now 15 days post op.... READ MORE

Odd of Complications from Breast Lift and Saline Implant Surgery?

Hello, I realize I am on a website dedicated to answering patient medical questions and concerns; which I am truely thankful for. My question relates... READ MORE

Implants Removed with Full Lift. So Far So Good, but Worried About Potential Complications, Particularly Tearing Incision?

After having breast implants for about 12 years, I decided to have them removed after growing much larger than I had once hoped to be. About 2 weeks... READ MORE

Bilateral Wise Pattern Breast Lift - Question and Personal Recommendation (Currently 'D' cup). (photos)

I have been looking at this breast lift pattern as it has been recommended for me. What are the risks and complications compared to seemingly simpler... READ MORE

What is an Internal Mastopexy? (Photo)

How exactly is an internal mastopexy done? And are any foreign objects kept inside the breast to do this? Apart from dissolvable sutures etc? What are... READ MORE

Do You Find Among Your BL Patients a Significant Percentage That Have Issues with the Vertical Scar?

I have decided to undergo a much needed breast lift after nursing 4 children. Consultations with PS's in my area all recommended the lollipop type BL.... READ MORE

What are the dangers with a breast lift?

I really want a breast lift when I get my augmentation but I hear that I could lose feeling or even my breast if it goes wrong.I am scared. How often... READ MORE

Concerned about complications of tissue loss after mastopexy. Will this ever heal and will my breasts recover normally? (Photo)

4 weeks ago I had a breast lift due to massive weight loss. After about a week I started having issues with the vertical incisions. Both breast are... READ MORE

What are the cosmetic complications of an internal lift (internal mastopexy) after breast implant removal without replacement?

I’m getting my implants removed without replacement & have been told I don't need a breast lift. A couple surgeons suggested an internal lift where t... READ MORE

How do I find or search a cosmetic surgeon whom specializes in breast lift and NO implants?

At the end of my 80 lb weight loss, I want to get a breast lift. It seems so many doctors offer so many treatments and surgeries (body/face/implant... READ MORE

Breast uplift/reduction, infection and hemorrhage post op. Bad scarring/uneven shape/minimal tissue/tightness? (photo)

Had complications following 3rd reduction surgery (Had implants previously that dropped as above muscle & then removed) Infection & Haem 3... READ MORE

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