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What Kind of Bras Are Needed After a Breast Lift & Augmentation?

Trying to get all of my supplies for my Mommy Makeover (TT, BL, & Aug) on 4.5.11 & not sure of what type or size of bras to get for... READ MORE

Sleeping in Bra

I dont mean sleeping in a bra before surgery. my friends mom told me that sleeping in bras makes them more saggy when i get older so i just wondered... READ MORE

Small Hole Like Wound Under Breast 1 Month Post Op; What Should I Do?

Im just at a month since my sugery my PS said i could wear underwire bras usually i change in to a sports bra for bed but last night i didnt i woke up... READ MORE

Is a Post Surgical Support Bra Supposed to be This Uncomfortable?

I had an explant with lollipop breast lift, 1 week ago. I Went from a D cup back to my A cup. I had to get the smallest bra size support bra since I... READ MORE

Best Sports Bra/bra for Daytime After Lift/augmentation? (photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation six weeks ago. I am comfortable in an underwire during the day but have heard that they cause the breast to... READ MORE

Wanting to Go Braless but Keep Size, is That Possible? (Pictures Included)

I'm 19, 5"6.5' and my weight fluctuates between 175 and 180 weekly, but I'm going to start going to the gym next month. I really want... READ MORE

Short Scar Breast Lift 5th Week Post-op. When Can I Wear an Underwire Bra?

I had a breast lift with the short scar 5 weeks ago I was wondering when can I wear an under wire bra? READ MORE

6 weeks post BR is it safe to sleep without bra?

I am 42 had two kids and nursed them both. 6 weeks ago I had a BR/lift with small implants since than I wore a surgical bra 24/7. Is it already safe... READ MORE

Do Bras Delay Breasts Sagging?

I have small B sized breasts so have not found it always necessary to wear a bra for social or comfort reasons. At 30 I just started seeing they are... READ MORE

Will a correct bra size help reshape breasts?

The breasts are low with the nipples pointing down. She is an E cup but has been wearing the incorrect size bra. Will getting the correct size help to... READ MORE

Going Braless for One Day on Day 12 to Help Them Drop. Bad Idea?

I went braless on day 12 after vertical breast lift and 330cc saline implants to try and help get the implants to drop - was this a good idea? My... READ MORE

Pre-Breast Lift - Does It Matter If I Sleep in a Bra?

Does It Actually Matter if You Sleep in a It Better Not to ? i definitely want to get the surgery because i hate how my chest looks. READ MORE

Breast lift or breat lift with augmentation? (photos)

I developed large breast seemingly overnight when I was about 13. Try sagged right from the start because I didn't have good bras and was always very... READ MORE

Should my breast look like this & have pain 1yr 4month after Breast lift & Reduction? (photos)

I'm not a c cup as I requested and my breast still hurt, they shape funny and I feel as if I was over reduced. I'm unable to wear regular bras due to... READ MORE

5 days post op of Breast lift, would a sport bra or a wire bra be harmful to wear? (photos)

Did not wear a bra till now coz yet looking 4 a suitable tightened medical sized one...This bra will arrive from Spain within 2 more weeks ... I asked... READ MORE

Is it better to not wear a bra?

I heard about the 15 year French study about how women who went so many years without wearing a bra actually saw a lift in their breast. I wear a big... READ MORE

Does it do any good to wear a bra at night after a mastopexy?

I know it reduces swelling, but does wearing a bra at night make a difference int the shape of the breasts? READ MORE

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