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How Does a Breast Lift Impact Nipple Sensation?

Does it make a difference between Bennelli and crescent incisions on the possible loss of feeling? READ MORE

Benelli vs. Donut Lift and Areola Reduction?

I would like a Breast lift and Areola reduction. I am scared of getting Breast implants and have no intention of getting Breast Augmentation... READ MORE

African American Worried About Benelli Lift Scar, What Can I Expect?

In my reading the Q/A in realself, I came across a PS that said African americans should NEVER use an areola incision beacuse of scarring. this has... READ MORE

What is a Benelli Lift?

I've been considering a breast lift and trying to do some research, but a lot of terms are thrown around like I should know what they mean. What... READ MORE

Lollipop Lift or Benelli Lift in Addition to Breast Implants?

I want to know if I could be a candidate for a Benelli Lift. I want a Breast Augmentation because I breastfed my baby and I lost a cup of my volume. I... READ MORE

Am i a candidate for the benelli lift?

I am wanting a breast lift and hopefully the benelli lift. I am wondering if I am a candidate. If anyone has before.and afters without implants I... READ MORE

What is the Truth About the Benelli Lift/areola Reduction? Does It Make Areola Stretch More?

Every surgeon says something different. I'd like to know if the areola stretch or become larger or not after a benelli lift/areola reduction. Some... READ MORE

3 Months Post Op Benelli Lift and Implants, Uneven Breast. Do I Need a Revision? (photo)

I had a benelli lift with 800 cc silicone implants done 3 months ago, my left breast looks great and dropped.. but my right one looks totally... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for the Benelli Lift or Cresent Lift?

Im only 19 years old. So obviously scars for a breast lift would just be as devastating as my sagging breast. Also My breasts are large but i also... READ MORE

More skin with Benelli or Crescent lift?

I am wanting to get a breast lift but do not want the vertical scarring from it. I was looking into benelli or crescent lift but I'm not sure it... READ MORE

Breast Lift Vs. Benelli Lift Plus Implant

I want: Smaller, higher areola Fuller upper breast Rounder shape Tighter skin Don't want: Anchor scar (circle around nipple is fine) Is this possible... READ MORE

Internal Stitches for Benelli Lift?

Had my BA and also had the benilli lift. My areolas were smaller but they were puffy and stuck out. After three months one flattened and went back to... READ MORE

Should I Have Scar Revision Surgery Post Benelli Mastopexy--what Do You Advise? (photo)

11 months ago I had a Benelli mastopexy for my tuberous breasts. Quite a lot of stretching of the areolas occurred, which I can live with,... READ MORE

Considering Areola Reduction (Benelli) - Opinion? (photo)

I'm 21 years old, and have always been extremely bothered by my areolas. Throughout my teenage years, my weight varied between 140-195 pounds. I feel... READ MORE

Stretched Areolas After Benelli-- Is The Cause Not Enough Support Post Op?

I had a Benelli mastopexy for my tuberous breasts (without BA) in December. I'm now 3 months post-op and my areolas are stretching out and... READ MORE

Benelli Breast Lift for Large Breast with Mild Sagging?

I have 34dd-34ddd breasts (natural), I have do not have children and have always slept with a bra. However, at 34 they are not as perky as I would... READ MORE

Breast Surgery, Recurring Open Wound? (photo)

I had posted previously about that my benelli breast lift I had in 3/12 was fine then started to get a small opening the size of a eraser head it was... READ MORE

Is a Benelli Lift Without Permanent Suture Possible? (photo)

The more i read about the benelli lift, the more confused i get. talking about the permanent suture which seems to have a lot of negative aspects. is... READ MORE

Do my Periareolar Incisions Look Like They're Healing Normally at 19 Days Post-op? (photo)

Had an internal lift + Benelli and am extremely pleased with the shape and contour of my breasts. Just wondering... do the incision sites look normal... READ MORE

Different Doctors Have Suggested Benelli or Full Anchor Lift, Which Would be Best? (photo)

I have consulted with two board certified plastic surgeons in regards to having full abdominoplasty and breast lift. One surgeon said all I would need... READ MORE

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