Bandage + Breast Lift

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Open Wound Under Breast and Sensation in Legs. Can It Be Nerve Pain or DVT in Legs? (photo)

I had surgery at the end of July. 1 wk later I had an open wound under right breast. I went back to PS and he said use non stick dressing and triple... READ MORE

What's happening to my nipples? What should i do? Is it dying/dead? How can I stop the bleeding? (Photo)

Top surgery (peri-areolar) last May 28, 2015 30th of May my drains on the left side were clogged cause of clotted blood couldn't enter the bulb.June... READ MORE

Will my breast ever look normal? (Photo)

I had breast lift and reduction on 5/6/15. One day after doc took off bandages.....the whole left bottom of my breast was black and blue. (No drains)... READ MORE

Bleeding after mastopexy. Have I overdone it? (Photo)

I got my nipples raises today and since driving myself home and making a short stop at the grocery store I've noticed my bandages have a fair bit of... READ MORE

Is this normal? What could possibly be happening? (Photo)

I went for my 10 day post op today and they removed my bandages. I have a unilateral lift and I am concerned about the bottom of my looks... READ MORE

Wound healing problems. What exactly am I looking at here? (photos)

3 weeks after my breast lift I find a bit of blood and yellow/green residue on my bandages. I contacted my PS, but wanting a second opinion. READ MORE

Should I be supporting my breasts during healing? Wearing a bra (Photos)

I had a lift, silicon exchange and Lipo done on my breasts a week ago( I went smaller). The dr had me take all bandages off, including steri strips... READ MORE

What do I do about blood blister on 4 month old breast lift scar? (Photos)

I had a breast lift with 200 cc saline implants 4 months ago. Everything has been healing nicely, except I now have a blood blister that popped open... READ MORE

Sore, fatty looking area at the incision, should I keep it dry? (Photo)

I am almost 5 weeks out from a breast lift and most everything has healed really well already. Within the last couple of days, the last place seeming... READ MORE

How is my wound healing? (Photos)

I am one week post of after a breast lift, and have been changing the bandages myself. Two days after the surgery the nurses said that my breasts look... READ MORE

Is my doctor being unprofessional?

I had a unilateral breast lift yesterday and I am currently in excuriatinf pain. My next appointment with a nurse is in 16 days. I was told to take... READ MORE

I had a unilateral breast lift 3 days ago and I took off bandages as directed to shower. Does this look normal to you?

I noticed that my scars are BLACK and I am missing some sterile stops along my areola. Is this normal? I'm scared! READ MORE

Are breasts from lift staying the same size? They are at post op 5 days? (Photos)

So I did my breast lift 5 days ago. I absolutely love them. I went to Dr yesterday and had the bandage taken off. I didn't think to ask about if they... READ MORE

Spitting suture holes: bandage or not.

I have several spitting suture holes from my breadt lift. I have been putting antibiotic ointment on them along with a bandage, but was wondering if I... READ MORE

Should I wear a sports bra to bed after a breast lift?

My surgeon never mentioned anything about it and I don't really see or talk to him after surgery. I woke up wrapped up in a bandage and 3 days after... READ MORE

Is it normal to not have steri strips put on the incision after a mastopexy revision?

I just had my lollipop mastopexy revision, but my surgeon didn't put steristips on. I just had the large bandages, and was advised to take those off... READ MORE

After Breast Lift, will this skin glue to my areola?I can see the tissue underneath. (photo)

It doesn't seem that the skin and areola are stitched together. At this point it looks so weird, I can see the tissue underneath the skin :( Will it... READ MORE

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