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How Much Incision Leakage is Normal After a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

I'm 5 days post-op (anchored incision). I'm having a cloudy bloody (not dark or light) leakage from the incision on my left downward incision... READ MORE

What Happens when the Permenant Suture is Removed After a Benelli Lift? (photo)

So I went back to my PC after sending him pics of my incision that just keeps getting bigger and deeper. After being on 3 antibiotics for 4 weeks he... READ MORE

Are antibiotics absolutely necessary/required when having surgery for a breast lift with silicone implants?

I'm severely allergic to penicillin and cephalosporins but am wanting to get this surgery.. What other antibiotics can be used? Is there a way to test... READ MORE

Could Taking a Culture Help Identify What Antibiotic Would Be Best to Treat the Wound? (photo)

And Shouldn't the Dead Skin Had Been Removed? I understand the concent I signed however a culture could have been taken, blood labs could have told us... READ MORE

I am PO 5 weeks. Have some concern about my breast lift with implants. (photo)

I am PO 5 weeks. I have concerns about my breast lift with implants. I started infection this week in right breast. I clean with Bactine 2-3 times a... READ MORE

I have skin necrosis after breast lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I had surgery in Belgium 8 days ago I live in the uk. . The doctor confirmed I have necrosis but said there was nothing he could do an I had to get... READ MORE

Total separation of areola from skin. Do I have to go back and get it restitched?

My areola is totally seperated from my breast skin "literally". Am 3 weeks post op and the wound is not healing. Am useing antibiotic ointment on it... READ MORE

Will my breast ever look normal? (Photo)

I had breast lift and reduction on 5/6/15. One day after doc took off bandages.....the whole left bottom of my breast was black and blue. (No drains)... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Still Saggy After my Lift and I Have a Terrible Wound from a Reaction to the Surgical Strips. Is This Normal?

I had a breast lift on Sept. 19th. and my breasts still look saggy. I was told I had a reaction to the surgical strips on my right breast, and I have... READ MORE

Any suggestions for open wounds after a breast lift and Breast Augmentation? (photos)

I had my surgurry 4 weeks ago and by the 3rd week when we removed the tapes noticed two open wounds on my left breast .. My doctor put me on... READ MORE

I had a breast lift 2 months ago. It doesn't heal properly & underneath there's this big sores with pass. Any suggestion?(photo)

How can I heal the sores and holes? My GP prescribed 3 courses of antibiotics which didn't changed a thing. The plastic surgeon says that it will be... READ MORE

What to do? I am 10 days after a breast lift, is it infected? (photos)

Hi I am 10 days after a breast lift, is it intected? Do i need do something beside washing the place. Should i put antibiotic ointment or silver... READ MORE

Incision discharge two weeks post op. Will the antibiotic get rid of this? (Photo)

Hello, I had breast lift and August exactly 14 days ago. About a week ago, whitish liquid started discharging from my incisions. On the left side,... READ MORE

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