Anesthesia + Breast Lift

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Risks of Twilight Sedation for Breast Lift and Augmentation?

I'm a healthy 27 year old. I've been to a consultation with a local Dr. and I'm considering a Breast lift/Breast implants. However, I want to... READ MORE

What Type of Anesthesia is Used for a Breast Lift?

I had a consult with a doctor that gave me two options of anesthesia, GA or LA with an oral anesthesia? There is about a $2000 difference. READ MORE

Scared to Go Under General Anesthesia? What if Something Happens? Does Childbirth and Surgery Connect? (photo)

[Bl w/saline Bcup getting 400ccs on April 22 monday 23yrs] not scared of afterwards pain only scared I won't wake up or could be allergic to the... READ MORE

Should Fees for Anesthesia and Operating Room Increase for Adding an Additional Procedure Being Performed at the Same Time?

Should fees for anesthesia and operating room increase for adding an additional procedure being performed at the same time? For example, I first... READ MORE

Concerns on Safety and Final Results For Surgery With Multiple Procedures. (photo)

I am getting a BL/ with 550cc implants, a full tummy tuck and power assisted lipo on my back, arms, inside thighs and under my chin. I will be in... READ MORE

Going Rate For Mastopexy & Qualified Plastic Surgeon?

I realize it varies, but wondering what the approx. fee for a full mastopexy incl. surgical facility & anesthesia in the Sarasota area is. Will... READ MORE

Is a Mini Breast Lift or Scarless Lift usually cheaper than a regular or Lollipop Lift? (photos)

I am wanting to possibly have a scarless lift and was wondering if generally it's more cost effective? Also if I choose to do that is that something... READ MORE

Breast uplift and eye bag removal is it safe together?

I am booked into to have a breast uplift and eye bag removal at the same time under general annestesia, is this ok and also i want to reduce the risk... READ MORE

How much will a breast lift cost if performed with a reduction?

I'm having a breast reduction that insurance will be covering. That being said, with insurance covering fees like OR, anesthesia, surgeon fees, what... READ MORE

Breast lift. With or without anesthesia?

Hello what is the downside to having a breast lift done under local anesthesia and light sedation versus going completely under ? READ MORE

What kind of anesthesia would be used for a breast lift?

I'm looking to get breast lift done, and I'm wondering what kind of Anesthesia would I receive? How would I receive it? Is it always the standard for... READ MORE

I had a breast lift done 2-14. I contracted a staph infection which took 3 months to clear up. Any suggestions?

My left breast is grossly scarred. My breasts are sagging since 4 months post surgery. The nipple is up where it should be but it's all sagging... READ MORE

Anesthetic Nurse or MD Anesthesiologist?

My doctor uses an anesthetic nurse at his surgery center in California. Should I be concerned? My surgeon says its fine but I have never heard of a... READ MORE

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