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Lollipop Vs. Anchor Incision Breast Lift, Which Should I Choose?

I've had two consultations with different surgeons. One of them said they would use the B type pattern, which would result in a J shaped scar. The... READ MORE

Anchor Breast Lift Incision Separation. What To Expect After Debridement? (photo)

I had a small opening at the "T". I am NOT a smoker. Today I saw my PS and he thought that it was a suture not allowing it to heal. He... READ MORE

Worried About my Breast Lift Complications (photo) [graphic]

I had implants removed & a breast lift with an anchor incision near the end of April had to go back the next day for another surgery to close up... READ MORE

Why Hasn't the No-vertical-scar Breast Reduction and Lift Technique Gained Wide Acceptance?

Most of the results of this technique seem to look pretty good. Yet doctors across the board seem keen on the anchor incision mastopexy. What gives? READ MORE

What Breast Lift Should I Consider: Anchor, Lollipop or Donut? (photo)

I keep getting conflicting answers from physicians. Do I require an anchor lift or lollipop lift or can I get away with the donut? I have lost... READ MORE

Lollipop Reduction vs. Anchor Lift - What Would You Suggest?

I recently had consultations with a few different DR's in my area. One, wants to give me a lollipop reduction (saying the lift would be greater,... READ MORE

How Soon After Anchor Lift Surgery Are You in the Clear From Necrosis?

I am wondering how quickly necrosis generally shows up after an anchor breast lift? When can I feel safe? Also, I had nipple sensation right out of... READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Choose Anchor Lift over Lollipop?

Just had a consult for a straight lift--no implant or reduction-- and dr said I am stage 3 ptosis (36 DD), lots of volume still, and wanted to do an... READ MORE

Why is it that breasts appear square with an anchor lift? Is it the PS technique that makes it look that way?

Which breast lift technique makes the breast appear square? I have noticed that the anchor lift makes the breast appear square and with the lollipop... READ MORE

Why Does my Verticle Scar Widen and Pigment After Breast Lift?

I'm 25 and had my 1st of 3 surgeries when I was 18 and my last at 23 to correct a size B tuberous breast, and a normal size A breast. I now have... READ MORE

Should my nipples look like this after breast lift? (photos)

Breast lift, full anchor three weeks ago. Right breast is mostly numb, barely any swelling in either, but left nipple is "puffy" since surgery, right... READ MORE

Will I Need to Have a Second Lift for my Recent Breast Lift/augmentation?

I recently had a Concentric lift on my left breast and Silicone Implants (under the muscle). My main goal was to look good in a t-shirt without a bra.... READ MORE

Actual Breast Lift or Just Skin Removal?

I have read a lot on here that some breast lifts are actually just skin removal and are bound to fail. How do I know if I had an actual lift or just... READ MORE

Puckering around areola, uneven skin, thick scarring and odd shape normal after a full anchor Breast Lift? (photo)

It's been 4 weeks since i had a full anchor breast lift and the top half of my breasts seem to be a lot fuller than the bottom, its not 'dropped' at... READ MORE

Anchor Incisions Under my Breasts Are Really Painful. is This This Normal?

Anchor incisions under my breasts are really painful after my post op surgery (2 weeks post op) dressing was removed. No redness, discharge or fever.... READ MORE

Is It Just Me or Do I Still Look Saggy? (photo)

I had a breast lift (full anchor) with saline implants under the muscle almost 2 months ago and still feel like they are saggy. I guess I was hoping... READ MORE

What Type of Breast Lift is Best for Me (photo)?

Hi. please take a look at my photo and tell me what type of breast lift would be best for me: peri-areolar, lollipop or anchor lift. thank you! READ MORE

Pain and Numbness in Arm After Anchor Lift w/ Augmentation

I had an anchor lift w/ augmentation on 3/18/11. Within about a week and half I started getting pain in my left armpit that went down my entire arm. I... READ MORE

Silicone gel sheets vs Bio oil for breast uplift scars?

Hello! I have had a anchor scar breast uplift and not sure which is best - silicone sheet/tape or bio oil. I am healing normally so far with bio oil,... READ MORE

Should I Still Have a Little Black Stitch Sticking out at the Bottom of the Breast?

I am six weeks post op breast lift with anchor type incision. the black stitch is at the "T" under the breast. Should i pull it out or contacts my doctor? READ MORE

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