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Is There an Alternative to a Full Mastopexy for Grade 2/3 Ptosis?

My breast size is 34D. I have Grade 2 ptosis MAYBE grade 3. I want to get a breast lift, saline implants & an areola reduction. I DON'T want... READ MORE

Possible To Get Upper Pole Fullness After Weight Loss with Breast Lift and NO Implants??

Im 18 and Ive lost more than 80 pounds. I went from a 42DD to a 34DD and Ive lost a lot of the fullness in the upper part of my chest. I really REALLY... READ MORE

Saggy Breasts After Weight Loss. Any Non Surgical Alternatives to a Breast Lift? (photo)

I lost about 44 pounds as a result i now have saggy breasts,and as a result my breast are more flaccid and have lost volume, also i have this loose... READ MORE

Is Raising my Low IMF the Same As a Breast Lift? (photo)

Hi. It's been suggested my IMF is very low, and that raising the fold could improve my shape. Is this the same thing as a lift? I would love to... READ MORE

Breast Lift Options for Asian/Hispanic Patient with Tendency to Form Keloid Scars? (Extremely Saggy 34D Breasts) (photo)

I've seen 3 different PS and they all objected to a lift because of my tendency to keloids. They said that having scars like this in perky boobs... READ MORE

Is There an Alternative to a Breast Lift? I'm Only 16, But Fully Developed.

I am 16 and my body is fully developed.. i went through puberty at a younger age than my friends. My breasys however, havent grown to be "young... READ MORE

Should I Get a Crescent Lift?

I have had breast implants for three months. The left breast looks fine but the right one has not dropped. Before my surgery my breasts were... READ MORE

Can an Uplift Be Done Without the Anchor Scar?

I have implants already but still have a small amount of excess skin that I am not happy about. I do not want bigger implants than I already have.... READ MORE

I Dislike the Scarring from Breast Lifts - What Are my Choices? (photo)

I have had large breasts my whole life, &since I was also on the chunky side my whole life, they were always nice and full.Now I'm 46, &... READ MORE

I'm Assuming I Need a Breast Lift, but Don't Like the Scarring, Do I Have Any Other Option for Better Breasts?

Due to breasfeeding I now have deflated sagging breasts. I have done my research and realize i would need a breast lift, but don't know if the... READ MORE

What is the Best Solution for Loose Skin Due to Breastpump?

A few years ago I used a vakuumpump in the purpose of enlarging my breast. This didnt go very well and for some reason i ended up with loose skin near... READ MORE

Should I Have Breast Surgery? (photo)

Hello, I am 25 and am self conscious about the appearance of my breasts, I have never have firm breasts and have for years considered having them... READ MORE

Is There a Surgical Technique That Can Help Me Avoid a Breast Lift? (photo)

One surgeon has recommended TUBA and another said completely submuscular w/a transaxillary approach and lift. I know I have some degree of ptosis, but... READ MORE

Worried About Vertical Scar With Breast Lift- Are There Alternatives?

Hi everyone. I've been thinking about a breast augmentation since I went from a D to an A, and I went to see a lot of surgeons. All of them said... READ MORE

Can I Get Bigger Higher Breasts with No Lift? Has Anyone Heard of a Vertical Lift Without Moving The Nipple? (photo)

One dr. says no lift saline or silicone. 339 cc. He says saline will lift the breast higher than silicone. He said that a lift won't give me the... READ MORE

What is the Best Type of Diet to Maintain Thin Skin & Breast Support & Reduce Scars?

I am about 50 & have sagging breasts. I also have thin skin and concerns about this recurring. I haven't had any large weight changes, and... READ MORE

What is the most affordable way to lift breasts? Are there any alternatives to surgery?

I am a 31 year old mother to 3. At 5'2" I was almost 200lbs last year, so through eating right and exercise I got down to 140lbs (still a few to go).... READ MORE

6 months post-op from vertical mastopexy. Revision scheduled for September due to excess skin/tissue under breasts. (photos)

I underwent vertical mastopexy by a highly-recommended plastic surgeon and am pleased with my overall results, but unhappy with the excess skin/tissue... READ MORE

Is there a way for me to get a breast lift without having the vertical Lollipop Scar? (photos)

Weight gain and loss when I was younger left me with some loose skin, so 12 years ago I had implants put in primarily to get a lift. They were lower... READ MORE

What can a 17 year old do to lift up breast WITHOUT surgery?

My breast are kind of droopy and I don't feel very confident about it . I don't want to get surgery to mess up my body so is there any natural ways to... READ MORE

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