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Will Benelli Lift Without Implants Help Small Sagging Breasts?

I have one child and breast fed for about 10 months. I wear size 34A bra. I am 5'6 and about 110-113 pounds. I am fine with having small breasts but... READ MORE

Is Most Swelling Gone 1 Week Post Op Augmentation and Lift?

I had a vertical breast lift and augmentation 1 week ago. I was a A cup before surgery and requested to be a small C cup. I am happy with the current... READ MORE

Can I Get an A Cup Lift Without Implants? (photo)

I'm 24, 130 lbs, 5'7. I've been an A cup my whole life but sag, asymmetry, and areola stretching happened with motherhood. I don't want big boobs and... READ MORE

Why Match the Inframammary Fold Height in Mastopexy? (photo)

I'm looking into getting a breast lift without implants. I am a modest A cup but very happy being flat chested, just not with the sag. My... READ MORE

What Procedures Can You Recommend to Improve the Look of my Breasts?

I have been considering breast surgery since developing them as a teenager. They have never been very perky but since after birth of my son and awful... READ MORE

Why Not Lift Above the Inframammary Fold Height? (photo)

I am a modest A cup but very happy being flat chested, just not with the sag (no implants for me.) My understanding is that the nipple 'should be'... READ MORE

Breast Lift for A Cup Breast, is It Possible? And What is a Round About Price? (photo)

Hi, I am a size A and nursed 2 children. My breasts did shrink but during pregnancy and nursing, they grew larger than a DD. Now my size A breasts are... READ MORE

I Am 17 and Have Sagging Breasts Due to Pregnancy. Should I Get a Lift or Implants?

Before I got pregnant I was a 34B cup. While pregnant they got up to a DD. Now they are really saggy an stretched and at a 34A. I was wanting an... READ MORE

My Question Is, Do I Have to Get a Lift with Implants? (photo)

Im a mom of three kids, nursed each one . I used to be a full B, nursed and was a DD. Now Im an A with too much skin, very little tissue. I'm a... READ MORE

Can These Breasts Be Lifted Without Implants (Small and Saggy)? (photo)

I just want to know if these kind of breasts have any chance to be lifted without implants. I am totally fine with the small size. Also how much... READ MORE

Do I need a lift? Looking to achieve an upper pole fullness. (photos)

Hi I am 24 and I have two children whom I breast fed for a year each. I am now a deflated 34A/32B. I am looking to get an augmentation in January. I... READ MORE

Needing a really good surgeon who does a lot of breast crease lifts! (Photo)

I have had many surgeries and finally had my last set of implants out 40 days ago. I have asymmetry where my right breast is bigger and lower. I want... READ MORE

A Breast Lift and Areola Reduction for an A Cup Girl Without Implants is That Possible?

I hate my body. I'm a sixteen year old living in a country with no plastic surgeons so I rely on internet for advise, I have six procedures in total... READ MORE

Looking for a board certified Breast Lift revision specialist. Willing to travel.

I need a doc who specializes in breasts. someone who has revised breast lifts numerous times successfully. My case is complicated. I started tuberous... READ MORE

My plastic surgeon suggested a Breast Lift with my upcoming Breast Augmentation. Do you think it is necessary? (photos)

I have had open heart surgery twice as a child which has caused some deformities in my breast tissue. When I consulted with my plastic surgeon he... READ MORE

Does it make sense to have a breast lift for very small boob? I'm talking a A cup. (photo)

I nursed 5 years ago. My boobs grew to a D. Immediately after nursing they shrunk down to my previous size. However, they're now flattened above and... READ MORE

Will a breast lift give me my desired results? (photos)

I am fine with the size of my breasts 34 A cup. I do not want breast implants at all.My problem is i dont like the location of my breasts they hang... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a breast lift even with so little tissue left?

I used to be a full C cup but now, after losing weight, my breasts are deflated and assymetrical. I probably have enough tissue for an A cup but my... READ MORE

Internal breast lift with NO implants & muscle repair?

I recently explanted 2 year old 280cc silicone implants from under the muscle 7 months ago under local anesthesia, no capsule removal. My breasts are... READ MORE

Breast lift options? (Photo)

I'M 39 years old have 5 children and breastfeed 3 children I would like to have a breast lift with on implants and no scares I would like to stay a... READ MORE

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