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Will Benelli Lift Without Implants Help Small Sagging Breasts?

I have one child and breast fed for about 10 months. I wear size 34A bra. I am 5'6 and about 110-113 pounds. I am fine with having small breasts but... READ MORE

Is Most Swelling Gone 1 Week Post Op Augmentation and Lift?

I had a vertical breast lift and augmentation 1 week ago. I was a A cup before surgery and requested to be a small C cup. I am happy with the current... READ MORE

Can I Get an A Cup Lift Without Implants? (photo)

I'm 24, 130 lbs, 5'7. I've been an A cup my whole life but sag, asymmetry, and areola stretching happened with motherhood. I don't want big boobs and... READ MORE

Why Not Lift Above the Inframammary Fold Height? (photo)

I am a modest A cup but very happy being flat chested, just not with the sag (no implants for me.) My understanding is that the nipple 'should be'... READ MORE

Why Match the Inframammary Fold Height in Mastopexy? (photo)

I'm looking into getting a breast lift without implants. I am a modest A cup but very happy being flat chested, just not with the sag. My... READ MORE

What Procedures Can You Recommend to Improve the Look of my Breasts?

I have been considering breast surgery since developing them as a teenager. They have never been very perky but since after birth of my son and awful... READ MORE

Breast Lift for A Cup Breast, is It Possible? And What is a Round About Price? (photo)

Hi, I am a size A and nursed 2 children. My breasts did shrink but during pregnancy and nursing, they grew larger than a DD. Now my size A breasts are... READ MORE

I Am 17 and Have Sagging Breasts Due to Pregnancy. Should I Get a Lift or Implants?

Before I got pregnant I was a 34B cup. While pregnant they got up to a DD. Now they are really saggy an stretched and at a 34A. I was wanting an... READ MORE

Can These Breasts Be Lifted Without Implants (Small and Saggy)? (photo)

I just want to know if these kind of breasts have any chance to be lifted without implants. I am totally fine with the small size. Also how much... READ MORE

My Question Is, Do I Have to Get a Lift with Implants? (photo)

Im a mom of three kids, nursed each one . I used to be a full B, nursed and was a DD. Now Im an A with too much skin, very little tissue. I'm a... READ MORE

Do I need a lift? Looking to achieve an upper pole fullness. (photos)

Hi I am 24 and I have two children whom I breast fed for a year each. I am now a deflated 34A/32B. I am looking to get an augmentation in January. I... READ MORE

Needing a really good surgeon who does a lot of breast crease lifts! (Photo)

I have had many surgeries and finally had my last set of implants out 40 days ago. I have asymmetry where my right breast is bigger and lower. I want... READ MORE

Would a lift be necessary with my breast augmentation? (Photos)

I used to be a 34A. I breastfed my 2 boys. The 1st for 1.5 years & I recently weaned my youngest when he turned 10 months. Now my breasts are... READ MORE

A Breast Lift and Areola Reduction for an A Cup Girl Without Implants is That Possible?

I hate my body. I'm a sixteen year old living in a country with no plastic surgeons so I rely on internet for advise, I have six procedures in total... READ MORE

Empty A cup wants a breastlift without implants. (photo)

Want a lift with minimal scarring and prefer no implant for health reasons. What are the best lift options? Just stopped breastfeeding a month ago and... READ MORE

Does it make sense to have a breast lift for very small boob? I'm talking a A cup. (photo)

I nursed 5 years ago. My boobs grew to a D. Immediately after nursing they shrunk down to my previous size. However, they're now flattened above and... READ MORE

Looking for a board certified Breast Lift revision specialist. Willing to travel.

I need a doc who specializes in breasts. someone who has revised breast lifts numerous times successfully. My case is complicated. I started tuberous... READ MORE

My plastic surgeon suggested a Breast Lift with my upcoming Breast Augmentation. Do you think it is necessary? (photos)

I have had open heart surgery twice as a child which has caused some deformities in my breast tissue. When I consulted with my plastic surgeon he... READ MORE

Do I need a lift? If so, what kind of lift? Or can my breasts become similar by just getting implants? (Photo)

My breasts are a cup size different . I want to get a breast augmentation but do I need a lift as well? I wanted to just obtain best results with out... READ MORE

Will a breast lift give me my desired results? (photos)

I am fine with the size of my breasts 34 A cup. I do not want breast implants at all.My problem is i dont like the location of my breasts they hang... READ MORE

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