7 Months Post-op + Breast Lift

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Breast Surgery, Recurring Open Wound? (photo)

I had posted previously about that my benelli breast lift I had in 3/12 was fine then started to get a small opening the size of a eraser head it was... READ MORE

Sagging After Full Uplift, 340cc High Profile Implants? (photo)

Hi All, I had the full uplift with 340cc HP implants. However after 7 mnths they have sagged a lot and have lost the fullness at the top and middle... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift 7 Months Post Implants? (photo)

Hello: I had a primary breast augmentation in July - 500cc smooth silicone under the muscle through the areola. Developed capsular contracture in my... READ MORE

Will I Have to Pay for Correction As Nipples Are to High and Scars Are Really Bad? (photo)

I had a breast uplift 7 months ago. My body rejected the sutures and I had several infections in the incisions above both my nipples. I have been left... READ MORE

I Can Feel my Implants at the Sides of my Breast and the Skin is a Bit Loose? (photo)

Hi, I had a breast reduction about 7mths ago and have noticed that the edge of my implants are slightly visible, especially my right and the breast... READ MORE

Will I Need Revision on my Breast Lift Left Side Looks Lower Im 7 Months Post Op? (photo)

I had my first augumentation in may 2011 i developed capsular contracture in my right breast ive since had revision mastopexy and implant replacement... READ MORE

Will Another Surgery Give Me Better Symmetry As Well As a Better Shape? (photo)

I had a 2 stage procedure for severe assymetry. I had a breast aug first than a lift with bigger implants. It's been 7 months and my areolas have... READ MORE

Periodic Burning Sensation in Right Nipple Normal?

I had a BL with no implants Oct/12. I love my results, scars are very minimal. Sensation isn't as good as it was prior but I am hoping more will... READ MORE

7 Months Post-Breast Lift and Sagging Again

I am 7 months post op after a breast lift. I lost about 65 pounds and my breasts changed significantly. I went with just a lift and no reduction and... READ MORE

Is This Normal Scarring for Breast Lift?

I had a breast lift with anchor scar back in November 2012, about 7 months ago. I have noticed the scars to be healing well, but that the scar under... READ MORE

Why am I still spitting stitches ? How can this be Prevented ? (photos)

Had breast lift and reduction over 7 months ago . I have been sitting stitches every few months . The right breast more . In the beginning I even got... READ MORE

Red irritated spot on benelli scar. What can I do to calm this area down? (Photo)

7 months postop benelli lift, only area with pleating, tried massaging area for a few weeks, but stopped when spot became irritated. All bras irritate... READ MORE

Will I develop scars if i have a second breast lift? (photo)

I had a breast lift with implants about 7 months ago. Some of the incisions opened, and I was also spitting sutures for few months after the surgery.... READ MORE

I posted awhile ago after a breast lift wound separation.Non smoker. Healthy 41 year old.What is best treatment of scars?(photo)

7 months post op. Scars same both sides. Ache hurt. No cause found of wounds. No infection no illness. All clear. READ MORE

Small, fluid filled areas along breast anchor incision line?

7m post op Breast Lift w/Sub-Musc, Sil Gel imps. I found small fluid filled areas, under the skin along incision lines. biggest one bigger than a... READ MORE

Can the thick scarring and brown pigmentation from my breast lift be corrected? (photos)

In January I had a breast lift. I initially went in for implants but I had severe pitosis and something else I can't recall. Therefore I had to get... READ MORE

Nipples still numb 7 months after breast lift. Will I ever get the sensation back?

It's been 7 months since my breast lift surgery, and I still don't have sensation in either of my nipples. This is very troubling, as my surgeon had... READ MORE

Is redness around areola and Scar normal 7 months post op after Breast lift? (photos)

Hey, Is redness around areola and scar normal 7 mouth after a breast lift and implant ? I told my doctor about it and he said to be patient . I dont... READ MORE

Aerolas changing in size all the time after breast lift

7 months ago I had a breast lift and since then for about 4 months my aerolas are different in size. There would be a day when they are normal size... READ MORE

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