450-499cc + Breast Lift

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Which Breast Lift Do I Need to Attain Desired Results? (photo)

I have always had large breasts. After yrs of yoyo dieting i felt i had deflated my natural breasts and opted for a BA when I was 21 to regain my old... READ MORE

What are my options for scar revision from Bellini lift? (photos)

I had a lift and 460cc implant done in Oct of 2013. My areola scars are humiliating, I have purse string suture and they are painful in some areas... READ MORE

What Breast Lift is Recommended if You Already Have an Augmentation?

I am 26 years old, 136 pounds, and 5'2" with a 450cc breast augment. my breasts just seem too saggy and i am unhappy with them. i want a lift... READ MORE

Will my implant fill in the loose skin I still have left over after my Breast Lift and Implant surgery two weeks ago? (photo)

I had a lolipop breast lift as well as 480cc implant placed under the muscle about two weeks ago. I feel as if my skin is still too saggy and that the... READ MORE

Breast lift revision needed- help me fix this mess- is my revision picture realistic? (Photo)

Had a benelli lift with implants, have 457 silicone in left and 492 in right. Permanent sutures placed. Surgery 6 mos ago. How do I best fix? Left has... READ MORE

What kind of lift do I need? (Currently DDD with 450 cc Silicone Implants abv muscle.) (photos)

Hi, I am 25years old with 1 child living in Miami, FL. I got implants November 2014 and was a 36DD before pregnancy. I am currently a droopy... READ MORE

Do I need a lollipop lift? (Photo)

After being in this site I'm no longer scared of the scar. I can see it heals up just fine. But ai plan on having larger implants.. 450-500cc saline.... READ MORE

Should I have a lift after already having augmentation? (photos)

I had 470 cc implants put in May 31 and now that they have settled a bit, I'm wondering if we should have don't a lift as well? Do my breasts seem too... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift?

I got 450 CC round saline saline breast implants under the muscle at the age of 18 I am now 20 years old the only option at the time was saline breast... READ MORE

Would a lift, while keeping my 3 yo silicone implants be sufficient? (photos)

I obviously need a lift. My implants are under the muscle 460cc silicone. Do most Dr's (I live in Southern Illinois) utilize the mesh "internal bra"?... READ MORE

Will a breast lift give me a more perky look? Did I need a breast lift with my revision surgery? (Photo)

My first Surgery was in April and the results weren't too good, i got 465cc behind the muscle. & ended up with a bad boob job. Looking into... READ MORE

What will happen to my aerolas and breasts if breast lift permanent suture is removed?

I understand that I can remove permanent suture without major surgery but my question is how badly will this affect my results - I am 9 mos post op... READ MORE

Is a breast lift required based on my measurements? (Photo)

I do not want one, but PS was adamant. I would like other opinions my measurements are in pictures. 140lbs wanting a 450cc Dia:15 across:35 ss RT:21... READ MORE

Are the chosen breast implants right for me? What would you recommend? Is 450cc (500cc) too big?

Had my consult today. Im torn between 400cc and 450cc sizers. I decided to go with the 450cc because "everyone wishes they went bigger". It was then... READ MORE

1 breast filler and more round than the other since day 1. (photos)

I woke up in recovery and peaked at my breasts in the first thing I noticed was the left one was larger than the right one I got 457cc silicone under... READ MORE

MemoryShape or MemoryGel for me? 30 y/o, No children, 5'7", 140lbs. (Photo)

I have my BA scheduled in 3 weeks. My PS recommended MemoryShape. He said I have a small fold & one of my breasts needs a little lift. I chose... READ MORE

May someone help me understand what's going on with my breast after a lift? (Photo)

Hi so I've recently noticed when I lay down on my back my right breast kinda falls to the side and my left breast stays put. Also my right breast... READ MORE

Will a lift give me more cleavage and perkier look? What should be done to receive the look wanted? (photo)

I had tuberous breast so I previously had a BA & ended up with horrible results, I did a revision surgery which did correct the bad work that was... READ MORE

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