450-499cc + Breast Lift

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Which Breast Lift Do I Need to Attain Desired Results? (photo)

I have always had large breasts. After yrs of yoyo dieting i felt i had deflated my natural breasts and opted for a BA when I was 21 to regain my old... READ MORE

What are my options for scar revision from Bellini lift? (photos)

I had a lift and 460cc implant done in Oct of 2013. My areola scars are humiliating, I have purse string suture and they are painful in some areas... READ MORE

What Breast Lift is Recommended if You Already Have an Augmentation?

I am 26 years old, 136 pounds, and 5'2" with a 450cc breast augment. my breasts just seem too saggy and i am unhappy with them. i want a lift... READ MORE

Will my implant fill in the loose skin I still have left over after my Breast Lift and Implant surgery two weeks ago? (photo)

I had a lolipop breast lift as well as 480cc implant placed under the muscle about two weeks ago. I feel as if my skin is still too saggy and that the... READ MORE

Breast lift revision needed- help me fix this mess- is my revision picture realistic? (Photo)

Had a benelli lift with implants, have 457 silicone in left and 492 in right. Permanent sutures placed. Surgery 6 mos ago. How do I best fix? Left has... READ MORE

What kind of lift do I need? (Currently DDD with 450 cc Silicone Implants abv muscle.) (photos)

Hi, I am 25years old with 1 child living in Miami, FL. I got implants November 2014 and was a 36DD before pregnancy. I am currently a droopy... READ MORE

Do I need a lollipop lift? (Photo)

After being in this site I'm no longer scared of the scar. I can see it heals up just fine. But ai plan on having larger implants.. 450-500cc saline.... READ MORE

Should I have a lift after already having augmentation? (photos)

I had 470 cc implants put in May 31 and now that they have settled a bit, I'm wondering if we should have don't a lift as well? Do my breasts seem too... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift?

I got 450 CC round saline saline breast implants under the muscle at the age of 18 I am now 20 years old the only option at the time was saline breast... READ MORE

Would a lift, while keeping my 3 yo silicone implants be sufficient? (photos)

I obviously need a lift. My implants are under the muscle 460cc silicone. Do most Dr's (I live in Southern Illinois) utilize the mesh "internal bra"?... READ MORE

What will happen to my aerolas and breasts if breast lift permanent suture is removed?

I understand that I can remove permanent suture without major surgery but my question is how badly will this affect my results - I am 9 mos post op... READ MORE

Is a breast lift required based on my measurements? (Photo)

I do not want one, but PS was adamant. I would like other opinions my measurements are in pictures. 140lbs wanting a 450cc Dia:15 across:35 ss RT:21... READ MORE

Are the chosen breast implants right for me? What would you recommend? Is 450cc (500cc) too big?

Had my consult today. Im torn between 400cc and 450cc sizers. I decided to go with the 450cc because "everyone wishes they went bigger". It was then... READ MORE

1 breast filler and more round than the other since day 1. (photos)

I woke up in recovery and peaked at my breasts in the first thing I noticed was the left one was larger than the right one I got 457cc silicone under... READ MORE

MemoryShape or MemoryGel for me? 30 y/o, No children, 5'7", 140lbs. (Photo)

I have my BA scheduled in 3 weeks. My PS recommended MemoryShape. He said I have a small fold & one of my breasts needs a little lift. I chose... READ MORE

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