350-399cc + Breast Lift

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How do you decide if you need a lift when one PS says yes, and one says no?? (photos)

I have very little breast tissue and am thin on top, a little fuller everywhere else (like so many moms who breastfed). I really want moderate sized... READ MORE

Will I be able to breastfeed after having a Breast Lift?

Hello, I'm a 33 year old mother of two. I've had 375cc McGhan implants in for 11 years. I want the implants removed but I'm sure I will need a... READ MORE

Why is my left breast crease scar above my implant? Will my breast size go down a cup size? Will my implant move up? (photo)

I'm 6 weeks post op of an anchor breast lift and implant exchange from 600 cc implants to 350 cc. I asked my surgeon to reduce my breasts size from a... READ MORE

Moderate Profile vs. High Profile - how important is the projection of the implant?

I had my consultation and it was recommended that I get Natrelle 410's. My breast width was about 12.5cm. The size I want (350-375cc) I was told is... READ MORE

Can I get a lift without implants?

I have 350cc high profile silicone implant with donut lift. As you see it's a terrible job,one nipple and breast is bigger and harder than the other.... READ MORE

My breast are oddly shaped and my scar is bad? Is a revision worth it? Can this be fixed? (Photos)

I got a breast reduction/lift at first two years ago. I had dog ears and scar revision with the 360 cc gummy bear implant under the muscle a year... READ MORE

Breast augmentation do I now need a breast lift? (photos)

I had breast implants about 5 years ago (half under the muscle 390cc - see black and white picture) because I had loss of volume from breastfeeding... READ MORE

Can a donut lift make my breast look better? (Photos)

I had my surgery performed 6 month ago, my doctor did 375 cc implants and donut lift . Looking at my breast I can not see much of the lift! After... READ MORE

Can a lift & a reduction of my breasts after implant removal return my breasts to their prior implant appearance? (photo)

The first photo is of my breasts prior to having implants, 15 pounds and 12 years ago. The subsequent photos are of my current breasts, 3 years after... READ MORE

Will a lift alone improve the profile view of my breasts and make it look life I have more of a lower pole? (photos)

I had 350 cc silicone partial unders removed almost 3 years ago. I like my small breasts (or smaller) but wish my nipples were higher so I'd have the... READ MORE

Breast lift after implant - what type of lift would benefit me? (Photo)

I have 390cc saline moderate profile implants. What type of breast lift would benefit me for achieving a good shape and upper pole fullness? READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift? Nicotine? (photos)

I am a 41-year-old mother of one from New Orleans. I currently have 360 cc implants over the muscle. I am planning to go up to 520 cc's and my doctor... READ MORE

Considering crescent lift after implants.

I am 25 and 2 1/2 weeks post op. When I went for my initial consultation prior to BAM surgery, my surgeon suggested that I may need a crescent lift... READ MORE

I had a BA 5 years ago that I'm very happy with, but now I want a lift and I'm wondering if I really need new implants? (Photo)

I'm not worried about the price difference, just want the best results and easiest recovery :) I love the size of my breast ( I'm a 34DD) but I want... READ MORE

Would I need a lift? (photos)

I am schudeled for BA this saturday, during the appointments with my Dr he suggested A lift but I have decided that I do not need.. We agree for 350cc... READ MORE

Naturally high nipple placement, should I consider a lift with explantation? (Photos)

47 yrs old and plan to explant my 11 year old Mentor saline implants, 350cc, periareolar incision, under the muscle. Prior to BA I was 34B, now 34D.... READ MORE

Do I need my breast lift revision? (Photo)

Hi, I got a breast lift 12 weeks ago with the intentions of having implants after 3 months. My surgeon is not happy with how my breasts dropped and... READ MORE

28 year old with silicone implants (2011) Can I get a full lift without changing my implant? What will it cost me in Toronto. (p

Hi. Had 375 cc with donut lift with dr jugenburg in 2012 (loved my results) it was very natural. I had my 3rd child after the implants and they have... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift while I have implants in? (Photo)

4 years ago i had implants put in (375/325cc) high profile Over time with losing weight and gaining weight im not happy with the look of them and how... READ MORE

Looking for a recommendation of a plastic surgeon specialized in breast lift with nipple reposition in New York area? (photo)

350 cc breast saline implants. breastfed for 1 yr, breast became little saggy & areola stretched. I opted for180- 200cc silicone implants & reduce... READ MORE

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