2 Years Post-op + Breast Lift

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Is It Possible to Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

I have successfully breastfed 4 children in the past. Two years ago I had a breast lift and augmentation. Now, I am unexpectedly expecting and would... READ MORE

1 Year Post-op (Breast Lift) Have Horrible Spider Veins in Breasts?

Had a lift about 2 years ago, a year after I began showing signs of veins in my breasts, especially in my left breast. Now it has gotten really bad,... READ MORE

I Am Almost 2 Years out from a Lift and Augmentation and Still Splitting Stitches?

My surgery healed great then I developed a small opening on the arellano line. Very much like spitting stitches but I am almost 2years out. The spot... READ MORE

Retained Pigment from Breast Lift Scar?

I had a breast lift almost 2 years ago but have "retained pigmentation" from areola in the vertical scar. What would revision of the scar entail and... READ MORE

Montgomery Glands Migrating After Mastopexy - Any Solutions? (photo)

I had mastopaxy with implant under the muscle 2 years ago; 6 months ago I noticed the Montgomery glands on the outer and lower quadrant are moving... READ MORE

Will Losing 40 Pounds Affect my Breast Lift with Implants?

I had a breast lift with implants two years ago, but i want to lose the 40 pounds i have gained! will that make my breasts look wierd? I have very... READ MORE

Removed Permanent Stitch After 2 Years. Months Later the Area is Still Opening, Why?

So I posted about this and was advised to remove the permanent stitch. It has been several months since it was removed and the spot has again opened... READ MORE

Want a little larger implants. How much difference will 50-75 cc make?

I had breast implants, silicone, 2 years ago. I want to go slightly larger. PS said he could put in slightly larger ones, 50-75 cc larger. How much... READ MORE

My Breast Lift Was 2 Years Ago. When Can I Do a Revision?

I'm not happy with my breast lift that was 2 years ago. When can I have a new surgery? READ MORE

Breast lift operation 2 years ago. Should I get another surgery? Or should I just accept them as they are now? (Photo)

I had a breast lift operation 2 years ago, and I am not happy with the results. I had my left breast bigger than right before the operation too. My... READ MORE

Breast scar revision to get rid of permanent makeup? (Photo)

I got a breast lift 2 years ago. M'y tissues are thin, which caused the scars to widen. I got a scar revision with a permanent suture around the... READ MORE

Herniated Breast Implant. Can I Continue to Do These Activities?

I had profilactic mastectomy 2 years ago with gummy bears implant. 2 days ago I woke up with a bulge in my left breast. I went to the doctor and he... READ MORE

I had a breast lift 24 months ago and I am really not happy with them now. (Photos)

I had the surgery done & loved them for the first 2 weeks post surgery , I am now really unhappy one boob is much bigger than the other. I will... READ MORE

My breast are oddly shaped and my scar is bad? Is a revision worth it? Can this be fixed? (Photos)

I got a breast reduction/lift at first two years ago. I had dog ears and scar revision with the 360 cc gummy bear implant under the muscle a year... READ MORE

My breast lift /reduction left me with horrible results, what are my options? (Photo)

I had a breast lift/ reduction almost two years ago. My breasts now look deformed, I feel very sad everytime I look in the mirror. What procedure... READ MORE

2 year old suture infected? (Photo)

I had abreast lift 2 years ago. One of the sutures areas got infected. I was on antibiotics one spot with a zit I popped a few times. It went deep... READ MORE

Assymetry remains post op (had lift/ arealoa reduction and volume corection, no implants) still constricted lower poll. (photo)

Had surgery 2 years ago for very asymmetric breasts. Still different volume and shape /varying nipple size/ height. Don't want to go larger with a... READ MORE

How can the lower pole of a breast be shortened permanently, when removing only skin will not help?

I had a mastopexy 2 years ago, lollipop scar. My breasts are asymmetrical: One is a bit bigger than the other, and all that extra volume is at the... READ MORE

Pain around areola 2 years after areola reduction. Is this normal?

I had an areola reduction performed close to 2 years ago, after a breast lift/ fat grafting procedure that greatly enlarged my right areola. The... READ MORE

Full anchor lift two years ago- snoopy/waterfall deformity (Photo)

I had a full anchor lift two years ago and it seems that I have a waterfall deformity. The appearance has not changed significantly in that time. What... READ MORE

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