2 Days Post-op + Breast Lift

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Stretch Marks After Areola Reduction, Will They Go Away?

Please help i have white stretch marks starting at my areola and expanding outward. They appeared 2 days post op. I didn't experience much swelling.... READ MORE

2 days post-op, today during the evening my temperature went up to 99,1 but then back to 98,3. Is this normal?

Is it normal for me to feel like the wound is hurting a little bit? My doctor asked me not to touch my breasts until I had completed 4 days of surgery... READ MORE

Beginning of areola necrosis? 2 days post-op breast lift (Photo)

I am 2 days post-op and not sure if this is beginning of nipple areola necrosis. I have sensation in my right nipple and when Dr. Poked it with needle... READ MORE

Breast lift - is this normal healing at 2 days post op? (Photo)

I am 2 days post op and have requested an earlier appointment as I am worried about the healing of my left breast, the line is jagged and pleated. I... READ MORE

Is it unusual for a surgeon to over correct in a breast lift leaving one breast folded in down the center initially?

2 days post op After much bleeding and more swelling on one side, nurses had me take pictures. my left breast was completely folded in from nipple to... READ MORE

When can I get tattooed after breast lift? (photos)

I just had a breast lift a few days ago. Everything is going great. I was wondering when I would be able to get a tattoo like one in the pictures... READ MORE

My breasts are uneven after breast lift. I'm freaking out! 2 days post-op. (photos)

Hi it's been only 48 hours since my breast lift and I just showered for the 1st time and noticed my breasts seem pretty uneven. I do know that they... READ MORE

How long to expect swelling, post unilateral lift/lipo reduction, to correct asymmetry?

I am two days post op, following a tumescent lipo reduction and binelli lift of the right breast, to establish symmetry. I had 250ccs of fat removed.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a mild, burning and tickling sensation 2 days post breast lift?

I had a breast lift 2 days ago and went back to work today. After my work day I started feeling a "tickling" and burning sensation on suture area..... READ MORE

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