10 Days Post-op + Breast Lift

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11 Days Post Op After Mastoplexy No Implant, and Haven't Seen Any Boobs As Horrid As Mine. Is This Normal? (photo)

I know it is VERY early after surgery to make a judgement call, but this does not look like normal healing. Did the doctor do something wrong? Also my... READ MORE

Areola After Breast Lift? (photo)

I'm worried about my nipples. I had a breast lift 11days ago. I have been bleeding from 2 sites from my right breast. I have it covered with gauze and... READ MORE

Is my Breast Lift with Augmentation Healing Properly 10 Days out from Surgery?

I had breast lift with augmentation 250cc 10d ago. I'm wondering if they are healing as expected given the 10 day mark. I know it's still quite early... READ MORE

Possible Areola Infection? (photo)

Hello, I am eleven days post-op from a mastopexy with augmentation. Today, I noticed that my left areola is not looking too great. I am worried this... READ MORE

Does My Breast Lift Incision Look Normal? (photo)

I recently had a breast lift. I am currently 10 day post op and my doctor told me I can now take the steri strips off and begin using a triple... READ MORE

Pus 10 Days Post Op Breast Lift and Breast Aug; Normal or Not?

I'm now 10 days post op and I have silicone strips on my incisions and I have noticed that my left breast has pus dropping from one of the silicone... READ MORE

Swollen Breast - Possible Hematoma 11 Days After BL? (photo)

Yesterday my left breast suddenly got swollen and became bigger in size in the space of 5minutes i thought the stitches would give way. The breast has... READ MORE

Smoking Socially Post Op Breast Lift?

I only smoke socially and generally only 1 day a week and not even every week. I had a anchor incision breast lift 10 days ago. Doctor said i was... READ MORE

Why Am I Having Hot Flashes After my Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Without Implants

I am exactly 10 days post-op from having a breast lift and for some reason I seem to be having episodes of intense heat in my breast area that last... READ MORE

Will my boobs look normal? (photo)

I'm only 10 days po so I know its still early days but when I look at myself its very hard to imagine the results I expect from what I see before me,... READ MORE

I had a breast lift done 10 days ago. I was a saggy C, I have no implants. Are they high enough? (Photo)

I would like to know if my breast are high enough. If they are in a good position? I am concerned they are not as high as I had hoped. Thanks READ MORE

Nipple/areola complex and breasts shape asymmetry. (photo)

10 days ago I had a breast lift. Last friday I had my dressing replaced with seri strips. At first I was very happy with the results but it seems like... READ MORE

Pain Under Left Breast. I Had a Breast Lift/slight Reduction with 250 Cc Implants 10 Days Ago? (photo)

I am having pain under my left breast at the T junction spot, best I can explain it is it`s like someone is pinching me with their nails but worse,... READ MORE

Post breast lift left nipple scabbing, is it normal?

Hello, I received just a breast lift (dermal suspension mastopexy) 10-11 days ago. While I am happy with the shape and overall look, I over exerted... READ MORE

Right Breast is Higher Than Left Breast Right After Surgery? (photo)

I just got a breast augmentation along with a breast lift 10 days ago. Breast look great, however right after surgery I noticed right breast was much... READ MORE

10 Day Post Op Breast Lift/small Reduction?

When is it completely safe to smoke again? ( not chain smoking) but just a few a month. Also today my incision scar seemed to bleed in one spot - but... READ MORE

10 days post Breast Lift (Wise Pattern) with separation at the "T".

Bilateral separation. Right greater than Left. Post op day 10. Wondered if anyone had any experience with Terrasil wound care cream for managing that... READ MORE

Is it normal during a Breast lift recovery for the nipple to not look as "round" around the incisions? (photos)

I'm only 10 days post opp so I know I still have a ways to go yet in the healing process, im just curious if the "squiggly" look will eventually go... READ MORE

Is this an infection? (Photo)

I just had a breast lift on March 10th (10 days ago) I had steri strips covering the stiches and removed one today. Awful smell, like dead animal and... READ MORE

I had a Breast Lift 9 days ago, I have some oozing under my right breast, when will it and the bruising go away?

Everything seems fine with the healing. I took all the antibiotics the way i was told toI had a pressure bandage placed on my chest but i was told i... READ MORE

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