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Is this an infection beginning or a reaction to steri strips? My skin is itchy and sometimes tingling. (Photo)

I had lollypop lift aug 5th 300cc implant sub muscular My steri strips are making my skin itchy and sometimes tingling Is it an infection starting ?... READ MORE

Blister from steri strip? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation plus lift July 21st utilizing 700cc HP submuscular implants. I am currently 4 days post op. This morning my husband... READ MORE

I'm 47 yr old very active mother of 4. Is this much bruising normal 1 wk post Breast Lift & sub muscle saline implants? (photo)

I am a 47 year old very active mother of 4. I am one week out from having a breast lift and sub muscle saline implants.  I feel the most pain at... READ MORE

Can Breasts Get Any Bigger After They Soften Up or Are They Pretty Much Finished?

Full anchor lift and 350cc round mod silicone implants submuscular on September 9th. Prior to surgery I wore a 38C but I had to lift my breast into... READ MORE

What is the best style of lift for my breasts w/large implants? (600cc silicone) I've heard full anchor and lollipop. (Photo)

I am 35, 5'7", 145lbs. I have had lots of weight gain/loss through pregnancies and breast feeding 2 children. I also wish to resize my extremely large... READ MORE

Are my implants placed too low? Are my implants going to drop any lower? (Photo)

Im 16 days post op with 350cc HP saline implants, placed submuscular w/ internal lift. Areola incision. Pain and swelling better. I was a sagging... READ MORE

Breasts bottoming out 8 weeks after submuscular implants and breast lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had submuscular implants and breast lift 8 weeks ago. I was really happy with the results 4 weeks post surgery, but now I have to wear a sports bra... READ MORE

Would my breasts look better submuscularly? (photos)

I got moderate profile silicone implants and an anchor lift about two months ago and my left one seems to be bottoming out. They are placed... READ MORE

2-stage lift & implant post MWL. Is my lift a failure or good? What implants and other procedures do I need in stage 2? (Photos)

 5'7" 160lbs, 41.5-33-38, 36" band, 50yo, RNY 2003, plastic surgery 2013. Based on my photos a number of surgeons have said I have an awful... READ MORE

Already bottomed out. Options? (Photo)

I underwent a lift + augmentation (700cc high profile silicone, submuscular) in July 2015. It appears my left breast has already bottomed out, leaving... READ MORE

What's the best profile for a natural look when doing a mastopexy/aug combo? I'm 36, breastfed 2 children, 5'7", 117lb (Photo)

I want a natural look, to slope from my chest wall to my nipple. I don't want a puffy, hump in the upper pole. I want my pre-baby fullness back with a... READ MORE

Over one year post-op Lift & Augmentation. High Riding Implants that distort shape with pec muscle movement, what is the cause?

Over a year since I had a breast "lift" and augmentation with implant size and axillary placement recommended and had 350CCs silicone submuscular.... READ MORE

Poorly Healing Vertical Incisions. What is going on? (Photo)

I underwent a vertical breast lift plus 700cc high profile silicone submuscular implants on July 21st. Today I am exactly 3 weeks post op. Ive noticed... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to have the results I want in the wish picture from a submuscular round implant? (photo)

I have a wish picture of how I would like my breast to look, I know I would most likely need a lift. However I'm trying to just do the breast implants... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift or is BA enough? Is high profile submuscular 275cc suitable for me? (Photo)

I am 5'5 tall 60kg 38 yrs. I had my first consult with my PA for TT and BA. He suggested I get HP 275cc textured round implants. I want to be a DD or... READ MORE

Do I need a lift with my augmentation? (photos)

I am currently a 34b. I wanting a smooth/round silicone around 350cc with submuscular technique. Can a "dual-plane" help me or do I absolutely need a... READ MORE

Do I have an infection? The incision in my left beast has starting leaking a yellowish fluid, 2 weeks post-op. (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post-op breast life with sub muscular implant and my incision in my left break has started leaking a yellowish fluid I am wondering if it... READ MORE

Breast lift with implant? Subglandular or submuscular? (Photo)

I developed very quickly in puberty leaving me with significant stretch marks which have faded but now, at 37, I also have lost some volume. I... READ MORE

Will my implants drop? Are my nipples too low? (Photo)

I had breast lift with silicone 380cc implants submuscular in Nov 25/15. Lil bit more than 3 weeks post op. Since day one I noticed the implants were... READ MORE

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