Shape + Breast Lift with Implants

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Are cone shaped breasts normal after a Breast Lift with Augmentation? (photos)

I'm only six days post opt, so I know it's still very early. But I was wondering if coned shaped breast are normal after a breast lift. They're very... READ MORE

Periareolar mastopexy and implants. Areola scars 13 days post op. Will the scars smooth out in a perfect areola shape? (Photo)

I had breast implant surgery and periareolar reduction. I have 2 scars: the inframammary fold and periareolar. Before surgery I had symetric areolas... READ MORE

Would you be concerned with my breasts at almost 8 weeks post op? My right breast is droopy and poorly shaped. (Photo)

Almost 8 weeks ago I had a breast lift and 405 cc silicone implants in each. My left breast was far saggier, but looks great now. My right breast,... READ MORE

27 days PO - do the areolas seem too long and oval, and needing revision? (Photo)

I had large oval areolas after 3 pregnancies, breast feeding and gravity but they were meant to be reduced during the breast lift and implant surgery... READ MORE

Am I the only one who notices this? (Photo)

I had 700/720cc mod plus with a anchore lift. Its been 3 weeks my left breast is still shaped like a triangle it doesn't have a round shape especially... READ MORE

Do I need a breath lift with an implant? Also, if one is necessary which lift would be best for my shape? (photos)

I would love to be a full B. And most importantly would like my areolas a touch smaller,making them more proportionate to my breast. I have lost 100... READ MORE

Implants or not? Breast feeding in the future? Remain the same size but change breast shape? Natural results w implants? (Photo)

22 year old woman with no kids wanting a breast lift with or without implants. I want natural yet perky breasts. I do not want to go bigger or smaller... READ MORE

5 weeks post op from tubular breast correction - early signs of double bubble? (Photo)

I've noticed a band on my right breast just below my nipple that im afraid might be early stages of double bubble. My breasts were formally tubular... READ MORE

Breast augmentation alone or is a breast lift needed? (Photo)

I have always been very self conscious of the shape and sag of my breasts. I am looking at getting implants soon to hopefully fix the shape will they... READ MORE

Do my breasts look normal for 3 days post op after breast lift with implants? (Photo)

I just want to make sure this is how they should be looking by day 3. I notice that my skin is wrinkled around the lollipop incision and the shape of... READ MORE

Extreme breast size difference 22 days post op breast lift with implants surgery (Photo)

It's been 22 days since my breastlift with implants surgery but my left breast is still large than the right one....I used to feel it tight sometimes... READ MORE

9 days post op breasts looking odd shape! Please help. Are these suppose to change & drop or have they been done wrong? (photos)

Very very worried!! I had a breast lift with 300cc implants 9 days ago, I was already a full c so was hoping to become a DD. I have had them in... READ MORE

Would I need a breast lift + augmentation, or will implants alone help shape my breast? (Photo)

I'm 21 with 1 breastfed child. My nipples have never sat really high on my chest; since puberty my breasts have always been small (32/34B) Grade 1... READ MORE

About breast lift with implant on large breast (Photo)

I am 49 years old,slim with a 34F breasts. I am planning to have a breast up lift as my breast have become deflated at the top, I also have low... READ MORE

Will my swollen breast (flat at base) go same shape as other? Shall I not wear a bra? (Photo)

Post op 13days lift&implant, rushed back in theatre due to pain,swelling & hematoma of left breast. Fluid & small blood drained, implant washed& put... READ MORE

Can a too small compression bra change the shape of breast implants?

I had a breast lift w/400 cc extra high profile textured silicone implants above the muscle. I thought the bra was too tight initially but was told... READ MORE

Had a "small" hematoma" which caused scar retraction on right breast. Will this fix over time or with surgery? (Photo)

10weeks post op. Breast lift and implant. Had a "small" hematoma" which caused scar retraction on right breast. Now shape is very odd and different... READ MORE

Uneven breasts after mastopexy with implant. 250cc, 4 weeks post op. (Photo)

I had my mastopexy 4 weeks ago, I notice a very different shape in between my boobs, one seems squared in the bottom and higher than the other that... READ MORE

Different size and shape nipples. How can I fix this issue? (Photo)

It's been 3.5 since my bl/ba I notice that my nipples are different shapes and one is smaller than the ofher. How can I fix this issue? Help please READ MORE

Will I need a lift? My breasts point out, will this make my implants point out as well? (photos)

I'm wondering if due to my current breast shape if my implants will face outward like my natural breasts. I went from a D to B after having my... READ MORE

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