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Had donut lift- not happy with results. What are my options? (photo)

After nursing 2 children I was a saggy 34 C/D and went in for a donut lift and 250 cc Saline implants w/ nipple reduction. While I do have more... READ MORE

Breast Lift: Should I Also Get Implants?

So thanks to everyone's advice and my surgeon's information to my previous question. I've decided to go forward with surgery. My doctor is... READ MORE

2 and a half weeks post op lollipop lift with Implants. Are these normal results? (photos)

Are these normal results? They're also extremely itchy and irritated right now. READ MORE

2-stage lift & implant post MWL. Is my lift a failure or good? What implants and other procedures do I need in stage 2? (Photos)

 5'7" 160lbs, 41.5-33-38, 36" band, 50yo, RNY 2003, plastic surgery 2013. Based on my photos a number of surgeons have said I have an awful... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to have the results I want in the wish picture from a submuscular round implant? (photo)

I have a wish picture of how I would like my breast to look, I know I would most likely need a lift. However I'm trying to just do the breast implants... READ MORE

I was told I would need a cresent lift along with my breast augmentation that I'm choosing to do. Any advice? (Photo)

Is a cresent lift right for me? I'm worried that it will leave a horrible scar with no benefit?I clearly have asymmetrical breasts with my Ariola... READ MORE

My breasts seem deformed after lift (Photo)

18 months ago I had 500cc implants and a lift. I believe the lift failed and asked for a revision. 2 weeks ago I had an uplift revision and I'm... READ MORE

Breast lift then Implants or Implants first then Lift? How best to stage procedures for best results? (photos)

Am confused after 3 consults. I have mild ptosis. 1st dr. said I can get get good results w/o lift and left that decision up to me. But he can do both... READ MORE

Benelli Lift or Lollipop Lift with Implants?? Or is there anyway I could achieve a decent result with no lift? (photos)

I was recommended for a benelli lift with implants. After reading all the horror stories I am scared. Even though I do trust the surgeon I consulted... READ MORE

What size implants to get the result I seek? (Photos)

Hello . I am getting a breast lift in 2 breast are very sagging and i have lots of extra skin. I am also getting implant and i would like big... READ MORE

I want implants but will it look weird if I don't get a lift? (photo)

I went in for a consultation 2 days ago and the Dr had told me he thinks I need a lift to. Problem is I only have enough money saved for implants... READ MORE

Is this a normal result of Mastopexy and 550 implants? (Photo)

Hello, My questions and concerns are... This pic is 1 day post op Mastopexy and implants 550. My breasts seem really tight and the skin between them... READ MORE

Are doctors ever dissatisfied with the results of their Breast Augmentation/lift surgeries?

I'm 4 wks post op after breast implant exchange, submuscular w/text. 350cc implants, & bilateral vertical mastoplexy & strattice. Went to a very... READ MORE

What is your recommended technique for a breast lift and augmentation surgery to yield the best result? (Photos)

Hello: I am not happy with my appearance. I understand I would need a breast lift with implants to get anywhere near my desired state (current and... READ MORE

Is tucking skin inside with mastopexy instead of cutting away achieve better results?

I've been getting several consults about revising my Benelli lift into a full lift. I had one doctor that says he tucks some of the skin that normally... READ MORE

Will I need a lift with augmentation? (photos)

Will I need a breast lift as well as implants? I'm hoping implants alone will give a little lift and satisfactory results. READ MORE

What type of breast lift will work best for my breast? And will a fat transfer work better than a implant? (photos)

I have 2 kids, I weigh 120lbs and I'm 21 years old. I always had a D cup but I'm looking to have a C cup since my breast were always to big for my... READ MORE

I'm not happy with the results. My body looks exactly the same. What can I do?

A breast lift and implant, lipo on back, upper arms, stomach, inner thighs and private area. fat transfer to the buttock. I am NOT happy with the... READ MORE

Should I be happy with these results? (photos)

I had a full lift with 250 saline implant exactly 4 weeks ago. I still feel my breasts are saggy and lack upper pole volume. Will I need another lift... READ MORE

After weight loss & breastfeeding, my breasts are deflated & sag a lot at only 22. Is there hope with a lift and implants?

I would like implants and possibly a lift, but I'm worried after seeing others results that it isn't high profile enough... I want nice full breasts... READ MORE

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