Periareolar + Breast Lift with Implants

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Periareolar mastopexy and implants. Areola scars 13 days post op. Will the scars smooth out in a perfect areola shape? (Photo)

I had breast implant surgery and periareolar reduction. I have 2 scars: the inframammary fold and periareolar. Before surgery I had symetric areolas... READ MORE

Benefits to a Lollipop Lift vs Crescent or Periareolar?

What benefits are there to a lollipop lift compared to a crescent or periaerolar? Will a large implant have any effect on which one I should get? READ MORE

Best treatment - Implant with peri areolar or lollipop lift? (photos)

5'5 145lbs small 34c with sag & lacking fullness. Left breast slightly larger & lower than right. READ MORE

Periareolar lift with saline implants? How big? (photo)

I am most likely going to get a periareolar lift with saline implants under the muscle. My question is, how big can I go to achieve a full and sexy... READ MORE

Will a peri-areolar mastopexy with implants actually improve the shape of my breasts. (photo)

I am looking to have a peri-areolar mastopexy with silicone implants 450/475 to correct some assymetry placed under the muscle. I do not have a lot of... READ MORE

I had a BA/BL one week ago and they are not lifted, bigger or perky. What do you Doctors suggest I do next?

Unhappy BA/BL.... Please help. The doctor said because of my size 193lbs and 5'3 I wnt be able to achieve the like the other females have and also... READ MORE

Nervous and unsure about my type of surgery (periareolar lift with implants) (Photo)

Hello I am scheduled to have a periareolar lift with implants in a few weeks and I am so concerned that it won't be enough lift for me since I see so... READ MORE

I am scheduled for Bilateral Breast Augmentation and Periareola Mastopexy. Will this lift be sufficient for me? (Photo)

Another question should I use Periareolar incision for implant placement since there will be a scar around my nipple or Inframammary Fold Incision... READ MORE

Would I qualify for a small lift since I'm getting implants? (Photo)

I want a breath lift with implants (D cup) but don't want the anchor or vertical scar and I was wondering of a small lift with a periareolar incision... READ MORE

I've had a lot of weight fluctuation, I want to avoid a vertical Breast Lift scar? Do I also need a Mastopexy? (photos)

I would mind a lift, but I wouldn't like to have a vertical scar, do you think a periaroral lift will do it? READ MORE

Lift with subglandular implants?

Hello, I need to know what, if any, risks there are associated with getting a lift after subglandular breast implants. I had subglandular breast... READ MORE

Went to a consultation for breast augmentation and doctor also recommended a periareolar mastopexy. Do I need it? (Photo)

My areola is a bit large but it never crossed my mind to get it reduced. I went in for a consultation and he said that they typically get larger as... READ MORE

What is the cause of pain 1 week after periaerolar lift? Silicone Implants. Mild tuberous breasts. 5'7" 130 lbs started 32b/34a

I had periaerolar lift with silicone implants thru nipple on may 1st. 495 in rt breast, 455 in left placed dual plane below muscle. I am off pain meds... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for periareolar lift? Like the look of no scars. 33, 5'4", 135lb, BF 2 babies 13 months. Prefer saline (Photo)

I've been to 2 consults for BA. Both PS say I'm borderline needing a lift. One PS said he does PA lifts sometimes, but with asymmetry he will not do... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Periareolar lift or Lollipop Lift? (Photo)

Hello, all! I'm 21. I have sagging, uneven breasts (No children and have never breastfed) and large areoalas (see pictures). I want to surgically... READ MORE

Is it possible to breast feed after a peri - areolar lift? I had one almost a year ago with implants. (Photo)

I have 2 kids. Got the work done after they were both nursed and thought I was done. Now I'm rethinking the decision to be done but not being able to... READ MORE

Concerned about whether I need Periareolar Lift with Breast Augmentation - Scarring Fears! (Photo)

I saw a surgeon who told me that I had Pectus Carinatum. He decided I would need 375cc in my left and 450cc in my right - high profile round implants.... READ MORE

I want to know about breast augmentation. Do I need a breast lift? (Photo)

I am a 33 ur old mother of one..n breastfeeding for 2yrs really took a toll on my body. I want to know if I am suitable for the periareola or the... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a peri lift or a lift with vertical incision? (Photo)

Looking to have silicone implants nothing to crazy. I'd like the top breast to be full and the under side as well. Now I have been advised two... READ MORE

What is bottoming up?

Dr. Referenced bottoming up in response to question I posted. What is bottoming up and what does it do to nipple position? Elevate it like bottoming... READ MORE

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