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Bad itching on nipple after Breast Lift with Implants. Is this normal?

I just had my breast done June 6th .... had a breat lift with implants. Now Im having extremely bad itching on my nipple ? Is it normal ? Or can it be... READ MORE

Are cone shaped breasts normal after a Breast Lift with Augmentation? (photos)

I'm only six days post opt, so I know it's still very early. But I was wondering if coned shaped breast are normal after a breast lift. They're very... READ MORE

Breasts sagging after 3 months. Bottomed out? Implant displacement? Or am I being hyper critical and is this normal...? (Photo)

3 months post BL/BA...and feel I already look saggy...breasts seem low on chest and implant slides around easily. Breasts fall into my armpits when I... READ MORE

I had a mastopexy with implants 8 days ago and they look too different. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had mastopexy with implant 8 days algo And they look to this normal? READ MORE

Normal discoloration at 8 weeks post op breast lift with small implants? (Photo)

The underside of my breasts still look red and angry at 7 weeks post op. I had a breast lift with small (270cc) implants. They've dropped a good bit... READ MORE

17 post op lift and augmentation. Implants still high....normal? (Photo)

My implants seem very high still and I am still in the band and doing daily massages. I'm 17 days post op. Do the attached picture appear like a... READ MORE

Does this bruising look normal after Breast Lift & Augmentation? (Photo)

I only have really bad bruising on 1 Breast and it's very Red/Purple looking. I'm 1 week post-op. Is this normal or should I worry about some time of... READ MORE

Bulbous nipples normal when erect & should scarring be at this stage? Will pinched skin around areola loosen over time? (Photo)

1) Had a Breast Aug & Benelli/Donut Lift. 270CC. Was a small B with cone shape w&large areolas. 2) July 30 is 6 months post op. 3) Scar around the... READ MORE

Nipple turned black after breast lift/aug and I've been applying sulfadene. Will it heal normal looking? What can I do? (Photo)

My areola and nipple turned black and peeled off. I feel disfigured! I've spent 18K on these surgeries to look this awful! Will this area regenerate... READ MORE

I am 2 weeks (tomorrow) post op breast augmentation with donut mastoplexi. Does this look normal? (Photo)

I am concerned with my nipples, not the implants. They are puckering a lot and sewn differently. Is this normal? I also think my right nipple was sewn... READ MORE

Bouncy boobs one month post breast augmentation/lift? (Photo)

Iam 1 month post breast augmentation and lift. Today was grocery shopping and notice my boobs were bouncing is this normal? Should I worry about... READ MORE

Normal 1 month results after mastopexy with implants? Smaller nipple on right side and uneven areolas. (photos)

Hello! I had a mastopexy w/implants 4 weeks ago.I have already mentioned concerns to my doctor, but I wanted to get some other feedback. 1-My left... READ MORE

Is it normal for a open wound from a split incision that was healing great to now be red, "meaty" and bleeding again? (Photo)

The vertical incision on my right breast split open at about week 3 post op. I kept it clean and did moist to dry dressing twice a day. It was healing... READ MORE

Will my breasts ever look even or normal? Please help! (photos)

8 weeks post donut lift and augmentation and breats are uneven and still sagging. Areolas not perfectly round or centered. One breast is bigger and... READ MORE

6 weeks post op. 350cc in both breasts with lift, both breast are soft. (Photo)

My left breast feels good although still a bit sore and tender. My right breast in very sore and achy. The bottom of right breast feels weird and when... READ MORE

8 hours for breast Aug w/ silicone, circumareolar mastopexy and fat transfer to upper pole. $27,450 (Photo)

I had my first consult today. The PS suggested that I have 8 hours of surgery for breast Aug w/ silicone, circumareolar mastopexy and fat transfer to... READ MORE

Low Breast after saline implant. Do they look not normal? (Photo)

Hi, I'm three weeks post op. 325 Saline implants over the muscle. I also had a crescent lift on my right Breast. I believe my implants have settled,... READ MORE

I had a Breast Lift with Augmentation done 4 months ago, I just notice a pimple on my scar. Is it normal?

I saw a pimple in my scar. I went ahead and squeezed it very gently, a little bit if puss and blood came out of it. Now I have a little hole there.... READ MORE

Mastopexy w/saline. Extreme pain on my left breast. It felt like I had an empty pocket. Implant stayed above my chest. (Photo)

My doctor said it was normal and the implant would drop. I had very little pain on my right breast. I felt something was very wrong with my left... READ MORE

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