Flat + Breast Lift with Implants

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6 weeks po lift with augmentation. flat spot on the inside of one (photos)

I am 28 yo 5'8 128lb and have pectus excavatum. I am 6 weeks po from mommy makeover that included breast lift and augmentation. I received silicone... READ MORE

18 months post-op lift with implants: What can be done about nipple size, flat bottom and different shapes? (Photos)

Bmhad a 2 stage procedure, small implants in 1st surgery, lift and bigger implants in 2nd surgery. My breasts shapes are different, my right nipple is... READ MORE

I had an anchor mastopexy with implants 5 months ago. I am disappointed with the shape/size. They appear flat and saggy. (Photo)

My doc discussed ability to add new bigger implants. Revisit our discussion for revision next month. I am also thinking of a different profile. I... READ MORE

Flat on the bottom of my breast. Will the flatness go away? (Photo)

I am almost 4 months post op, I had a lollipop lift with 450cc silicone implants. I have noticed that my right breast is flat on the bottom and hasn't... READ MORE

Do I need another lift after Benelli? Do my breast look flat and too wide? (Photo)

Pre-op my ps said he would perform anchor lift, but post op he had performed the Bellini lift. Also with 310 cc implants extra high profile. It's been... READ MORE

I am 13 days post breast aug and mastopexy and right side scars are thicker plus flat on bottom of breast, ok? (Photo)

Is the flatness worrisome? Is my scar thick cause its early? My PS says I'm healing perfectly but my right breast aches and more sensitive then left... READ MORE

Larger implant or a lift to get projection I want... Any suggestions? (photos)

10 weeks post op. 435cc Saline under muscle. My left breast still seems flat making my breasts two different shapes and sizes. At my next appt I will... READ MORE

One of my breasts have a flat edge! 5 wks post op Breast Aug from 34C to D. Inserted through areola with a Benelli Lift. (photo)

1 - My right breast has always been bigger than the left - the doc even noticed but then put in the same size CCs. He says it seems bigger right now... READ MORE

Nipple sensitivity and erectness after BA and BL. They are pretty flat and not perky. Will that change?

I am a week PO and have great nipple feeling but they are pretty flat and not perky. Will that change? READ MORE

How do you correct breast's symmetry ? Como se corrige la simetria en los senos? (photo)

I am 32 years old mother and after breastfeeding 2 kids (first one for around 18 months and 2nd one for 10 months) my breast looks flat and saggy. I... READ MORE

Second breast uplift, areola reduction & flat nipple treatment? (Photo)

I had a breast uplift and 330 & 360 implants , as one is much larger than the second , now a year on I need a second uplift and my areolas are huge my... READ MORE

Flat spot under breast. Is this normal? (Photo)

I am 6 months out from having my breast augmentation and lift done. Recently I noticed a "drop" and flat spot under/on my right breast. It also... READ MORE

Are my breast still saggy after full anchor lift and augmentation? (photos)

I'm almost four weeks post of with full mastopexy and 345 mod plus silicone implants. I feel my breast are still droopy and lay flat on my chest. Will... READ MORE

Body square left breast? Does this look normal and will they match eventually? (photo)

So I had a breast lift and implants just over 3 weeks ago. I'm a little concerned as my left breast seems to look quite flat underneath and abit... READ MORE

One year post benelli and implant, flat breast and firm scarring. Could my implant be leaking? (Photo)

I'm concerned with my breast implants. One year ago I had a benelli lift with augmentation under the muscle. The right breast seemed to have more... READ MORE

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