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5'4 135 lbs with 39 inch hip, 27 inch waist,34 inch bust. Are 375 cc cohesive under the muscle too big for me?

I had 36 C breasts before having my kids. I have had a mastopexy but want my volume back. I'm 5"4 35 yo, 34/27/39 135 lbs. is 375 cc under the muscle... READ MORE

Are my implants too high 10 days post op? (Photo)

I had an anchor breast lift, breast augmentation and nipple reduction 10 days ago. I am concerned about how high my implants are sitting, which are... READ MORE

Can I get a Breast lift with high profile cohesive implants?

I wanna do breast augmentation with lift cuz I need a lift apperently and I would wanted high profile round under muscles and not really natural but... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and lift for tuberous breast. Do I need a revision? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone 235cc implants put it. I feel a mistake could have been made and a... READ MORE

I'm 10 days post breast lift anchor with high profile cohesive gel, and I have a strange, upper pole bulge. What is it? (Photo)

Hello, I am 10 dpo anchor breast lift with ultra high profile cohesive gel implants. I noticed my Right breast has a strange upper inner pole bulge.... READ MORE

Told I borderline need a lift and that it would give the best outcome. Does that seem like a reasonable recommendation? (photo)

Hi there! I'm booked in to have my lift and augmentation done this coming June and absolutely cannot wait!! My PS has recommended a full anchor lift,... READ MORE

I was told that I would be a good candidate for a Periareolarlift. Am I? Cohesive Gel Implants – NAGOR brand (Photo)

Am I a good candidate for a preiareolar lift and and augmentation. With the "gummy bear" implants? I am 36 years old and have never been pregnant.... READ MORE

Have my beasts dropped? (Photos)

I had a BA two years ago and I'm really concerned about the look. I lost a lot of weight and my breast were empty, I had a breast lift and a small... READ MORE

What size should I go to in terms of (cc) if I'm a 34C trying to be DD? I'm also doing a breast lift. (photos)

Currently I'm suppose to have a surgery in 2 weeks cohesive gel and vertically lift lollipop with 500cc. I'm a 34 c saggy , 20 year old, 120 pound , 5... READ MORE

Solo breast augmentation, is a lollipop/circumareolar or Cresent lift enough? Cohesive gel?

Before BF 2 kids, I was a 36d now im a 36C & the skin is a bit loose. They sag but the top of my areola doesn't fall below the fold. I wnt 2b a 38D &2... READ MORE

Can I get better upper pole fullness with another lift and without changing my implants? (photos)

Can I get better upper pole fullness with another lift and without changing my implants? Love my size. I have 450cc cohesive silicone gel HP smooth. I... READ MORE

Follow-up: Implants with a unilateral crescent lift or just implants.. (Photos)

I asked a question before but I got some weird answers so let me be more clear.. my p/s suggest implants with a unilateral crescent lift of the right... READ MORE

Advice on size and type of implant, I'm looking to get that Baywatch look. (photos)

I am getting a breast lift and implants, am 5'6", 190 lbs. I'm leaning towards the Cohesive Gel (Gummy Bear ?) type. Looking to get the Baywatch look,... READ MORE

Breast lift with cohesive high profile textured natural gel inplant. Good option for natural look and feel without looking fake?

Mom of 2,breastfed,lost weight. I am currently a 36c and want to remain a 36c after my breastlift and augmentation. My Dr recommended cohesive... READ MORE

Had a lift cohesive gel implants put in mid profile.Experiencing pain in my left breast and my arm/fingers keep tingling.Advice?

I had a lift and cohesive gel implants put in about 11 months ago. I'm experiencing pain in the left breast and my arm and fingers have been going... READ MORE

Breast lift/augmentation. Med or high profile cohesive eurosilicone implant? Cup size is a 36c and want to be big 36b small 36c

My dimensions: breast width across my nipple from side to side 22cm. My chest width over the nipple total 102 cm. My chest width in fold area is 87 cm... READ MORE

Breast lift/ Augmen. eurosilicone cohesive high or med profile. Currently a 36c, want 36b/c. Any suggestions?

Breast width is 22cm across the nipple side to side. chest size over the breast/nipple is 102cm. chest width in fold is 87cm. does this qualify for a... READ MORE

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