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350cc Silicone - Approximately How Big Will my Breasts Get?

I'm 39 y/o 5'6 and weigh 180lbs. My rib cage is 38 in. Consulting with getting a breast lift and implants done. I currently wear a 38C in victoria... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implants on a Large-framed Woman?

I am 6'2. Yes, very tall! And I am 195 lbs and look pretty good, but having 3 kids and nursing them has diminshed my breast size and shape. I used to... READ MORE

How to Find a Good Breast Lift with Implants Doctor?

Hello, I'm 18 years old and I had a baby when I was 15. My breasts have sagged down and gotten a lot smaller I'm now at around a 36B or C. I'd love a... READ MORE

Lift + Small Implants, or Lift Only? (photo)

I'm 39 years old, 5'9", 145 lbs., with a slender, athletic build. i had a breast reduction at 22 (36DDD down to a full 36C). i'm currently a very... READ MORE

I want to correct the sagging & space between my breasts, should I have Breast Lift, Implants, or both? (photos)

I am having a tummy tuck next month and started to think about my breasts now. I am 5'0, 101#, and a 32c (sized at Victoria's Secret). I am content... READ MORE

Why won't my doctor do a breast lift with implants at the same time? Will a lift alone do what I want? (photos)

I am 22 with a full 34c cup. I went for my consult yesterday and I knew I would need a lift because my breasts are so saggy. I wanted a lift with... READ MORE

Would my breasts look better submuscularly? (photos)

I got moderate profile silicone implants and an anchor lift about two months ago and my left one seems to be bottoming out. They are placed... READ MORE

Just Breast Lift or Breast Reduction plus Breast Lift with Implants? I am 33 years old and my breast size is 36C. (photos)

Recently I have visited 2 doctors and they have recommended me different things. One said I need just a breast lift, keeping the same size I have. The... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a breast augmentation with a lollipop Breast lift? (Photo)

I would like to get a breast augmentation but wonder if I should get a lift,I weigh 149 pounds and I'm not 5'4. The implant will be between 350-450cc.... READ MORE

I'm having a lift with aug. My preop appointment is in ten days (Sep 10). What usually happens at this visit? (Photo)

Will I be able to discuss size and shape at this visit? If I want to remain a full C cup what do i tell my surgeon. READ MORE

I'm getting an augmentation. Would I benefit from a lift as well? I'm 32 yrs old, C cup, 5'7", 140 lbs & mother of 3 (Photo)

I have wanted an augmentation since I can remember. Before kids I was a C cup & liked my boobs but have always liked LARGER BOOBS. I Didn't realize... READ MORE

What procedure(s) do you recommend I get done to make my breasts look youthful and firm again? (photos)

Hi, prior to becoming pregnant my breasts were a nice shape, they were firm, large (a full C/D range), my aerolas weren't so big, and I didn't have... READ MORE

Benelli Lift with Augmentation (photo)

I have recently been to see a surgeon and have been told that I am a good candidate for a benelli lift with augmentation. I do not want a large... READ MORE

Best treatment - Implant with peri areolar or lollipop lift? (photos)

5'5 145lbs small 34c with sag & lacking fullness. Left breast slightly larger & lower than right. READ MORE

Will I Need a Breast Lift with my Augmentation? (photos)

I am a 35 yo mother of two. I nursed both babies 1 year each. I'm 5'2" and 125lbs. I'm looking to get the fullness back and aiming for a full C cup.... READ MORE

Hi I need some advice regarding choosing an implant for augmentation surgery scheduled in two weeks (Photo)

I am 50 years old, 5'9" and 155lbs. Having a 2 stage lift and BA. 2nd stage is scheduled in 12 days. I wear a 36 C but do not fill out the bra in the... READ MORE

I want to get my areolas reduced, more upper fullness and lift, I don't know if I need an implant? (photo)

My breasts are a C, I want to get the areolas reduced a lot. I would like a lift or implants, I don't necessarily want to do both. I'm curious if an... READ MORE

Breast lift and augmentation advice. I'm terrified of how dark my breast lift scar can be. (Photo)

Ok, so I still have some weight to lose (about 20 lbs) and I'm sure I'll lose more fat in my breasts as well. I have a child and also lost about 50... READ MORE

Do sagging breasts require a lift? (Photo)

I am scheduled for a lift & small implant procedure. I have been thinking lately of just getting implants because that is what my surgeon had... READ MORE

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