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Revision for Breast Lift & Revision Done 5 Months Ago

This is a repost w/updated pic. I am scheduled for revision bl on 10/20. My breast are not similar in size or shape. My surgeon agrees that I need a... READ MORE

6 weeks po lift with augmentation. flat spot on the inside of one (photos)

I am 28 yo 5'8 128lb and have pectus excavatum. I am 6 weeks po from mommy makeover that included breast lift and augmentation. I received silicone... READ MORE

Are my boobs too low? (photo)

I had a breast lift with 240cc implant abd I feel like my breasts are too low abd my nipples are pointing outwards. Any help would be appreciated! READ MORE

2 months post op Breast Implant & Lift. The implants are both 225cc silicone gel, under the muscle. Do I need a revision?(photo)

Started with asymmetry but now they're really uneven b/c the left side has fallen into place but the right side hasn't fallen down. My PS is... READ MORE

My nipple is pointing outward after Breast Lift and Implants. Will it go back to normal?

I have had a full anchor breast lift with 240cc silicone implant under the muscle, 5 weeks on the 26th feb. My nipple is Pointing outwards do u think... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implants disappointment, what should I do? (photos)

After breastfeeding 5 children I was in desperate need of a lift. I also opted for silicone implants to gain back volume. I expressed to my surgeon... READ MORE

2 1/2 months post op and so bummed. Why did mine turn out this way? (Photo)

I21/2 months post op. I have mentioned my breast were really asymmetrical from the start . I totally get doctors are not magicians, however I have now... READ MORE

8 days post op, is it possible of getting a uniboob? (photos)

I am 8 days post surgery . I had lift and 225cc silicone implant put in . I don't really know much about implants and things that could happen . A... READ MORE

Almost 5 months post op lift w implants over muscle teardrop. Have I bottomed out? Double bubble? (Photo)

I am currently 5 months post op a breast lift with implants. I am unhappy enough with my results but the last few weeks I have noticed a strange shape... READ MORE

Just Breast Lift or Breast Reduction plus Breast Lift with Implants? I am 33 years old and my breast size is 36C. (photos)

Recently I have visited 2 doctors and they have recommended me different things. One said I need just a breast lift, keeping the same size I have. The... READ MORE

Had breast lift and implants a year ago and feel like they are sagging again. Need another surgery? (Photo)

Had breast lift and 200 CC silicone implants a year ago. I feel like my breasts are sagging again. breasts were so saggy before these results are much... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and lift for tuberous breast. Do I need a revision? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone 235cc implants put it. I feel a mistake could have been made and a... READ MORE

I am 2 mo post mastopexy and implants ( 200cc approx each side) and still feel very saggy. (photos)

Should I consider revision? Pre op I was a 34D and wanted to ideally be more a C. My doctor said I needed at least a 200 cc implant because of my... READ MORE

What type of lift do I need? What will be a good size implant for me? (Photo)

I when to see a surgeon that told me I need a lollipop lift and a 200 cc implant ! I see 200 way to small . What will be a good size implant for me READ MORE

Do I have an infection? What should I do? Spitting stitches after breast lift.

I had a lift with 200 cc saline implant 15 days ago. I visited my PS yesterday bc I had concerns of fluid. He said I was fine. Did not remove my tape.... READ MORE

Will a small breast lift & augmentation w/a small 200 cc saline implant give me a perky fuller look? (photo)

I'm 33, 5’2” 114 lbs, 2 kids. I had naturally large breasts,full C/small D,now deflated. My goal is perkier breasts, fuller on top. Do not want hug... READ MORE

I had a breast lift and augmentation six weeks ago. My right breast is bigger than the left. Is that normal?

I am 6 wk post surgery and everything went well . I had a BL and BA with 225cc silicone under the muscle .It seems like my left breast settled but my... READ MORE

Should I expect to gain more projection and more of a crease as my implants drop? (Photo)

I'm 2.5 weeks post op. I had BL and BA (230 cc Natrelle style 20, under muscle). I'm starting to second guess my choice of smaller implants. I was a... READ MORE

How much will I shrink after swelling from anchor lift/BA? (Photo)

Hi, I had a downsize (my second) from 335HP to 240ccMP - i told the doc i wanted to loose two cup sizes. I am 10 days post op from implant change with... READ MORE

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