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Are my breasts too swollen? (Photo)

I am 1 week post op breast lift with augemenation. 300cc silicone unders i am 5 8 155lbs. Worried about swelling and think I'm getting uniboob. My doc... READ MORE

33 yr old, 5' 9", 165, Breast Lift with Breast Implants (Photo)

Had two BA consult today, PS told me I need a breast lift & implants to achieve the look I desire. I currently wear a 36B/34C & would like to be a... READ MORE

I'm a 39 year old, 1 child,150lbs, 36d wanting 36ddd. My dr will not do more than 400cc under muscle saline or silicone. (photo)

I need a full breast lift, wanting very perky 36ddd. Did rice test & have compared pictures of women who are built like me (preop size and body... READ MORE

22 y/o, 5'9'' 165 lbs. Can I achieve upper pole fullness with a lift and implants? (Photo)

I've recently lost a little over 20lbs that has exacerbated the deflation in my breasts. I would like to have them sitting high, full, and pretty... READ MORE

I need your opinion on the details below. I am 5' 5", & 162LBS.

I'm a 38 D & I'm having a lift plus implants in 1 week. I want to do 400cc's Silicone Moderate Plus' but my husband thinks this will be too big but my... READ MORE

2-stage lift & implant post MWL. Is my lift a failure or good? What implants and other procedures do I need in stage 2? (Photos)

 5'7" 160lbs, 41.5-33-38, 36" band, 50yo, RNY 2003, plastic surgery 2013. Based on my photos a number of surgeons have said I have an awful... READ MORE

I feel that my 450cc silicone implant is too small and that the right breast is smaller but I'm still wrapped with tapes (Photo)

I had an anchor lift with mentor silicone moderate plus 450cc implants I'm 5/4 and 155 pounds and had kids and lost like 50 pounds I use to wear bra... READ MORE

Is 485cc moderate, silicone, behind the muscle too large for me at 5'9, 160lbs with a large chest wall? (Photos)

I am 5'9 160lbs. I have had 3 children and I am 42. I am getting breast implants and a lift. I am terrified of going too big. I dont want big fat... READ MORE

Which cc of implant would go better with my height? (Photo)

I'm getting a breastlift implant silicon I'm in between 450 cc or 500 I use 34cbra size but saggy I weight 150 I'm 5'7 height READ MORE

What do you suggest be done to achieve full and round breasts that are close together? (Photo)

I am looking into getting a breast augmentation soon. I would like to get a lift and areola reduction as well. I am 5'9 and i weigh 150. I would like... READ MORE

I'm 5'6, 157 lbs, and D-DD cup. Can a lift and implants be done at the same time? (photo)

I have lost 230 lbs since 11/27/12. I would like to have both procedures done at the same time instead of under going 2 surgeries. I am 5'6 157lbs and... READ MORE

Hi I need some advice regarding choosing an implant for augmentation surgery scheduled in two weeks (Photo)

I am 50 years old, 5'9" and 155lbs. Having a 2 stage lift and BA. 2nd stage is scheduled in 12 days. I wear a 36 C but do not fill out the bra in the... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implant or possible to just do an implant without a lift? (photo)

I don't want an increase in size as I can wear a 38DD right now, but I want the "girls" back up where they should be, and I don't want the skin to... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift, implants, or both? (Photo)

I'm a 21 year old female. I'm 5'2" and weigh approximately 150 lbs. I'm a 34DD. I'm satisfied with my breast size, just not with their appearance. I'm... READ MORE

Having a LBL with mastopexy BL/BA 1/28. Are these photos unrealistic for me? Never had perky boobs this is my goal. (Photo)

Please take a look at the photos below and tell me if my goals are unrealistic? 92 lb wt loss maintained wt for three years till hysterectomy gained... READ MORE

5'9", 165lbs, no kids, breast lift w/implant, minimal scaring desired, want perkiness & volume that works best w/my body (Photo)

What cc would fit to get full C, small D, currtly wear 36B VS? 1st PS recomd 350cc submuscle, can I get away with 375-400cc for wish boobs w/out... READ MORE

What kind of lift and what kind of implants do I need? 36, 2kids, 5'6", 151 lbs (Photo)

I've seen 2 PS who have 2 different opinions. What type of lift and implant would work best for me. I'm currently a full droopy 36C. Don't want larger... READ MORE

BL/BA with 300cc silicone implants seem too small or too big? How do you choose? What size cc's would be best? (Photo)

I'm 5'3 165lbs. Super saggy 36DD mostly skin from weight loss. April I was 198 & busting out of a DDD! Had my consult with my ps. He suggested just a... READ MORE

Am I a proper candidate for a breast lift with augmentation? (photos)

18 years old, 5'9, currently weighing 168 lbs. Gained 80 lbs within 2 years, lost 84 lbs in the last 6 months. My goal is to achieve voluminous, full,... READ MORE

Breast lift with augmentation and a very wide rib cage? (photos)

Hi im 45 years old, I'm 5'8" and 160 los. I have a very wide rib cage (35-36). I'm a 36B but I could wear 38B too.I want to have a breast lift and... READ MORE

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