090-109 Lbs + Breast Lift with Implants

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Will a Lollipop Lift Suffice in Conjunction with Implants? Which Size Range for Silicone Implants to Achieve Full C Cup? (photo)

38 yo, 5'2, 109#, mother of 2 breastfed children, last weaned 5 mos. ago. Currently 32A/B. Previously 34C. Pics taken with comb tucked under breast... READ MORE

I want to correct the sagging & space between my breasts, should I have Breast Lift, Implants, or both? (photos)

I am having a tummy tuck next month and started to think about my breasts now. I am 5'0, 101#, and a 32c (sized at Victoria's Secret). I am content... READ MORE

Borderline lift: is a larger implant an option? I'm 5'2", 108 lbs. (Photo)

Hi, I am turning 40, with 2 children and breastfed for 2 weeks . I had a consult & was told I am Borderline lift, but I could get a fairly good result... READ MORE

I have saved $5000 in "breast lift & implant piggy bank." Is this achievable with the funds I have?

I wear an A and I am 5'5 102 lbs.. I have very saggy and deflated breasts with a large areola. I want to get a small lift with 250-300cc implants..... READ MORE

Please help. Do I need an implant with a lift on my left breast or could I get away with just an implant? (Photo)

Petite mom ~4"11-5ft 97lbs. 34A /32B bra. Desire to be a full C (no larger) Was thinking about 275-300cc's in my left breast & approx 50cc's more in... READ MORE

Is 300cc & Benelli lift right for me? (photo)

I'm having surgery on the 21st. An Aug & possible lift. I am 5'3" & 100-105lbs. I think I want to go with 300cc. I'd like to be a full "c". My... READ MORE

Should I go with 450cc to get the 425cc sizer look?

I'm 5'4" and weigh 107 lbs. My surgeon suggested high profile mentor gel implants that will be placed under the muscle. I loved how the 425cc sizers... READ MORE

I am 4'11''. I weigh 96lbs. I need a breast lift with implants. Will 350cc hp implants be too big for a breast lift? (Photo)

I've had 1 consult. and the dr have me 275cc and 300cc to try. I was leaning toward the 275. But then I went home and decided that I wanted to go... READ MORE

Implants a bit to big for my size. How will downsizing effect extra skin and shape?

I am 4"11 .. 105lbs .. I was very very droopy and had no volume pre op I was 32b .. I got 330 hp implants filled to 360 with a areola lift. I feel my... READ MORE

Will I need a breast lift if I have implants? (Photo)

Hi, I posted a question earlier regarding implants and was advised to look at a breast lift alongside implants. This is a route I'm really not keen to... READ MORE

I'm 4'11 106lb. I'm 2 weeks post breast lift plus 250cc round implant. My breasts are too big. Will this change in time? (Photo)

I had a mastopexy due to extreme dropping plus 250cc high profile silicone round implant under the muscle around 2 weeks ago. Ive been seeing my... READ MORE

Follow up question to my one from two days ago with pre-surgery pics as requested. BA, w/2nd lift. Want cleavage. Migrate issue?

I'm not getting clear answers to my ? 2 days ago. I did provide info under title of each image. Me: 105 lbs. 5'2". 5 mos post, 300cc saline LOW... READ MORE

I was wondering what size implants you would recommend with a lift? (Photo)

I am 5'2" and 103 lbs. I am very petite . I wear a size 3 jeans, and I'm terrified to get them too large. I don't want it to be obvious that I got... READ MORE

Is a full anchor lift required to achieve perkiness even if a small implant is used?

I've always been a size 6 (at that time I was a 32ddd) or so but recently have lost 25lbs and I'm now a size 0/00 (and a 30dd). I'm 4 foot 10 and... READ MORE

2 weeks post op and feeling down. When they drop and fluff, will I be much happier? (Photo)

330cc moderate profile/ breast lift. I feel like there to small. Im 163cm & 49kgs. I wanted to be a DD & when i try on a bra I'm fitting a 10D but... READ MORE

Should I go 330cc or 345cc? Nagor gel round implants with lift (Photo)

My plastic surgeon andrew broadhurst recommend me to go a 300 or 330.. i find 300 to small. I really like the look of 345cc.. im wondering if im a... READ MORE

How much is it likely to cost in Melbourne to have a lift and smaller implants?

I am 5ft 2 with a small frame 50 years old. 48kg I had teardrop gel 375cc implants 2 years ago size was suggested by my surgeon. The procedure was... READ MORE

Breast lift with implant. Why did I come out smaller?

I'm 5'0 lost 109 lbs. two years ago on my own. had breast lift with implant 300cc Dec. 7, 2015. was 32 dd-ddd before surgery, was told that what I see... READ MORE

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