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5'4" / 127 lbs / 275cc saline /moderate plus

2 weeks to go until my surgery..starting to freak out a little! I've been thinking about doing this for over two years now and have finally decided to go ahead with it. I appreciate all of the posts on here as I've read SO many and it has helped me make a more informed decision. I'm choosing... READ MORE

25 yrs old. 36 B No kids. 520cc silicone

I always wanted implants, so I went with 520 cc silicone because they fit my body. I looked up many different board certified doctors but I choose one that a friend went to personally! She had gotten saline but since everyone told me if you have the money for silicone then get them!Right now I'm... READ MORE

30 YO Finally Getting a BA - CA

Finally getting boobs after waiting 10 years lol.. Im excited and scared but looking forward to the surgery, im so self conscious of my small deflated breast, i breastfed all 4 of my kids so maybe thats why they deflated lol.!! Im getting 400cc saline HP under the muscle.. Im curious to see how... READ MORE

Exceeded My Expectations!!!

After having two children and my weight being on an up and down roller coaster, I was left with saggy, oversized, floppy breasts. My areolas resembled sand dollars. I hated the look of my breasts out of a bra. After my consultation, Dr. Gelfant recomended a complete makeover for my breasts...... READ MORE

Breast augmentation with no lift saline implants.

So I went in as a 38d and got 600cc on one side and 650 on the other. What you feel afterwards is just like you went to the gym the day before and did slot of heat reps. The below pics are of the first and second day. I still have to wait till they fall in place. I ended going to CG cosmetic.... READ MORE

32 Years Old Saline Under the Muscle Implants - Ann Arbor, MI

I am 32 years old and have a 32 A cup breasts. My breasts have filled out some over the years but as a adult with no children I have made the decision to take the leap and get breast implants. As a 5"6 125 lb female I am very active physically and in the past 5 years have done a lot to change... READ MORE

43 Y/o with 4 Kids Never Breastfed - Yellow Springs, OH

I just had my initial consultation for breast augmentation with Dr. Rigano in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He may be the nicest person I have ever met! His demeanor makes you feel completely comfortable and since he's been doing this for over 25 years he ends of answering questions you didn't even... READ MORE

5'4" 106lbs - Mother of 2 Breastfed Kiddos!

I'm a little over 2 weeks away from my BA and I couldn't be more excited! I had my consultation with Dr. Jugenburg last Monday, and had originally chosen 400cc overfilled to 415cc (high profile/Saline). After leaving the office I started thinking I chose a little bit too small for what I want... READ MORE

450cc Saline High Profile Breast Augmentation - Birmingham, AL

So I'm finally getting my breast implants! As most of us I wanted a breast augmentation since I was younger--- for I am very unfortunate in the boob department. After several years of research I decided on Dr Hedden in Alabama. Besides his affordable prices, I have not seen one negative review... READ MORE

I am a little over 3 weeks post opp and I got 415cc saline filled high profile.

My left breast seems to be dropping perfectly and my right one is still sitting a bit high, the bottom of my right breast is absolutely so hard, feels as if there is no implant there, the nipple on this side is also pointing down excessive. Doc keeps saying lol is okay. PLEASEE HELP, I NEED... READ MORE

27 Yo, 2 Kiddos, 5'2", 115 Lbs, 300 Cc Saline Smooth Mod Plus - Sioux Falls, SD

As most women my size here, I have always wanted breasts. I wanted to share my story because of the smaller size I wet with, and also because of my career. I work in manual labor, male dominated field and I am also a service member. Just because I work like a man doesn't mean I should also LOOK... READ MORE

34 D!!!

Hi guys I am very excited to get my breast implants BUT I still didn't choose between saline or silicone. Either one would be placed under the muscle. Saline is great for patients with decent amount of breast tissue and saline are 2k cheaper!!! I am a size 34 a and tried on 350 cc silicone. I... READ MORE

42 2/Kids, Petite 5'1/117lbs Breast Augmentation 600cc Mentor HP Smooth Round Saline Before/After Pictures 11 wks postop

I am really nervous about doing this, but this is something that I have wanted my whole life -- the surgery part scares me. I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks, but I don't want my fears to hold me back in life. I had 2 surgeries when I was kid, they used general anesthesia, and I... READ MORE

32yr Old Mother of 3. Going for 650cc HP Saline Implants Under the Muscle - Atlanta, GA

Mother of 3. Ages 15, 9 & 1. No more kids. I lose a lot of weight in between having kids. Heaviest 278lbs Smallest 158lbs Current weight 185lbs. I breastfed my last 2 kids so my boobs are very deflated. I used to be a full D/DD now I'm a deflated 34C if that. I'm 5'11" athletic top curvy... READ MORE

My breast implant journey with 415cc Natrelle Inspira smooth round responsive silicone high/full profile (PHOTO)

I've lost approximately 90 pounds over a period of 6 years. I was a DD for much of my life and decreased to a C after weight loss. I had a breast lift only in 2009 which gave me good result. I gained 12 pounds and then lost 25 resulting in a current B cup. I am a little over 5'5" and 138 pounds... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Dr. Shaw Scottsdale

I am a longtime patient of Dr. Shaw's. My first experience with his practice was for a breast augmentation (BA) in July 2002. Dr. Shaw makes the incisionin your armpit, so there isn't a noticeable scar. I had a small scar on my armpit for about 12 months post op; however the scar has since... READ MORE

20 Years Old. 125lbs No Kids. 34 A to a 34 C - Buffalo, NY

So I have been debating for a long time about getting BA done. And here I am 2 years later scheduling my appointment for my new boobies!! Two weeks can't go by soon enough! I have had my appointment with dr. Koch. Overall a great experience. He covered everything I needed to know about before... READ MORE

5'5'', 124lbs, BWD 13.4, 500cc Saline Unders

I have always been probably a 32AA, wearing an A cup and always wanted a BA since as long as I can remember. After having 2 kids and breast feeding them for a new months, I ended up with small, even more deflated looking chest. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and I was getting my BA.... READ MORE

33, Mother of 2, 32A, 125lbs, 5'5", Saline Round 450-500cc, Hoping for a C/D Cup - Fort Wayne, IN

Since I hit "puberty", I've been waiting on my boobs to come I'm 33 and still not much has happened. When my milk came in after my kids, my boobs were "huge"...C's. I loved them and prayed they'd never go away. Unfortunately they deflated and left me with an...okay boob. Honestly I... READ MORE

29 and 3 Kids - Alabama

Really wanting breast implants but have a ton of questions. Silicone or saline? Why? How many cc's should I get to have a c cup? How is the pain? Recovery? Will I need another surgery in the future? I'm 5'4 110 lbs. also I can't get rid of stubborn poof on stomach from 3 csections. Is there a... READ MORE

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