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Breast augmentation, 34yrs, 5ft8, 136lb. 320cc b-lites, Dr C Inglefield. 14/9/17

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to get a boob job! Never because I was desperate for a bigger chest, but due to a lot of weight in my teenage years, my chest was always a bit droopy and I lost a lot of natural breast tissue. As I continued losing weight and became fitter and exercise... READ MORE

34 2 Kids Small A Cup

I've always been small!! Now I'm small and deflated! Lol. I Would love to be a big C or small D , I've chosen silicone implants but still not sure of exact ccs. Surgery day is on my 34th birthday My ps and I discussed a range of 320-350 but I'm thinking after the rice test I'd like a bit bigger... READ MORE

26 Years Old, No Kids, 280cc Silicone Implants, Albany, NY

I was never blessed with large breasts. It has always been something I was super self-conscious about. Shopping for bras, bathing suits, and even just cute dresses and tops was always a hassle. I finally mustered up the courage to go on a consult (the part I was most worried about) and then... READ MORE

Fit 29 Yr Old Mom with Deflated 32D Looking for my Boobs Back! - Calgary, AB

First, a little about me: I'm a 29 yr old mom of a 3 yr old and 1 year old. I breastfed both my kids but only for a small period of time. I'm currently 128 lbs, 5'6" tall and wear a 32 D bra. I basically fill the bottom of the bra with nothing left on top. When I was young, I had bigger boobs... READ MORE

From itty bitty to 450CC ! No kids, 30yrs, 5'7, 139lbs

Hi Everyone! I've been waiting to do this review for weeks after trolling everyone else's page ...and I figured I can help others as they've helped me. I've set up a station with all the items I need for a proper recovery. I will post my "What To Buy" and "Foods To Purchase" lists soon. I go... READ MORE

30years Old 46kg 155cm 355cc Implants After to 2kids

I always dreamed of big breasts and after two kids now I want even more.A few days ago I had a doctor meeting. the meeting went very fast.I was not told how the implant would be placed. I did not get it until I paid the deposit.I decided to put a 355cc implant that would look fake. The Doctor... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 1 Child, Slim/athletic Build, 345/365cc MP Under - Bay Area, CA

I wrote a long review and the page cleared out when I didn't upload pictures soon enough. So heres the low down. Body measurements: 5'3, 130lbs, 34A BA scheduled for sept 6! I'm excited but of course nervous. I just don't want to regret getting it done for any reason. I like a slim/slender,... READ MORE

26 Years Old, Motiva Plus Demi 380cc / 425cc, I FINALLY Did It!! :D

Hello realselfers and greetings from Scandinavia! I have just had my BA and wanted to share my experience with you all and upcoming updates. :) My BWD is 12.5 and I've got 380cc and 425cc Motiva Plus Demi implants under the muscle through the armpit (transaxillary) . A little backstory ... I... READ MORE

BA for 30 year old mom of 2

I've always wanted a BA but wanted to wait until I had kids. After breastfeeding two babies, my boobs have lost a lot of their pep. My PS suggested 475CC gummy bear implants under the muscle UHP or HP. Attached are current photos of me! I'll post some with sizers later. I'm currently a 34B with... READ MORE

5'11", 28 Years Old, 2 Kids, Nursed for 3 Years - BA 620cc Extra High Profile - United Kingdom

Hi everyone. I'm new and have been reading all of your stories, so figured it was time to upload my own. Scarily I'm including a picture of my current boobs. Just looking at this makes me so sad. I'm 6ft tall and have a long torso. I was convinced that I needed an uplift, but have been for a... READ MORE

Always wanted boobs and they never came naturally. I went with 520cc and 485cc cohesive gel under muscle. So excited! 5.9/158lb

I am 27 years old and no kids. Active horse rider and I work on a farm part time to pa for my horse. Right now it's about 5 hours post op. I have always been so flat that I can't fit into many close properly. Basically I am happy with my size and I have nice natural projection and nice small... READ MORE

32, 3 Kids

Before this procedure I used to fit into training bras in the tween section at Target; literally, this is where I bought my bras. The only time I had visible breasts is when I was nursing my babies, and I loved them. I went into this procedure knowing that I wanted something that mimicked my... READ MORE

27 Years Old 1 Kid

I did my surgery with doctor yily de los santos! Guys she is just the best! She dont only concentrate on the monet but she do this because its her passion ! She loves what she does and does her work to the fullest! She's sweet she's kind and caring! Love this doctor! And love my results!my... READ MORE

34 Y/o, No Kids, 135 Lbs, 5'6", 34 A...sooo FLAT!!!! - Nashville, TN

I'm so excited because after YEARS of wanting implants and being insecure about my breasts, I'm FINALLY getting them. For years, I let so many things hold me back, but no more. I've finally decided to go for it, and I am so excited. There are so many things I'm excited about, such as feeling... READ MORE


Hello everyone, I have grown up always wanting a fuller chest, and have been saving up for this for quite some time. Now that I'm getting close financially I finally went in for a consultation. I decided I'd like to go over the muscle and get the High Profile silicone. The best part with going... READ MORE

25 yrs old. 36 B No kids. 520cc silicone

I always wanted implants, so I went with 520 cc silicone because they fit my body. I looked up many different board certified doctors but I choose one that a friend went to personally! She had gotten saline but since everyone told me if you have the money for silicone then get them!Right now I'm... READ MORE

Starting my Journey - Rome, GA

I would like to thank all the women on this site for sharing their journey. It has definitely help ease my worries and concerns about doing a procedure I had fantasized about since I was in my early teens. I am a long way away from getting my procedure done but I figure I would just start... READ MORE

Tall, Athletic 32 Y/o Mommy of 1, 5'10" 150lbs- Finally Getting Boobs - Houston, TX

My story starts the same as most of you ladies....have always wanted boobs since like....8th grade. Waited for them to grow in high school...No Show. College; early 20s.....No Show. Pregnancy.... nada. During breastfeeding I swelled to a small C. Not bad but when baby boy took the milk, the... READ MORE

31 years old, 109#, breastfed 4 babies, small A now, hoping for full D... 350-400cc silicon under, borderline in need of a lift

I have met with 4 board certified plastic surgeons. First one told me full lift with implants, 2nd told me no lift needed, 3 told me crescent lift, 4th told me borderline needing a lift- if I don't get one nipples will sit a little low, if I do get one it would be ideal but still optional.... READ MORE

26 year old, no kids, 5'4" 125lbs small A to small C

Hello! First of all, thank you to all of the wonderful and brave people who have shared their stories, feelings and photos on RealSelf! It has given me the courage to do that same. I am 26 years old, no kids yet (someday)! I am 5'4" and weigh around 125 (depending on the day, haha). I am an A... READ MORE

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