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Redo Implants to Fix Wrinkles/Rippling?

Have Mentor round moderate saline implants 325 filled to 375. I'm 5'7", 123.6 lbs, lean, not much dense breast tissue, thin skin.... READ MORE

Breast Lift Without Replacing Old Implants?

In 1993, I had Breast Implants (making me a D cup). Now I'm 42, have had a child, breastfed, and when I take my bra off my breasts hang down almost... READ MORE

I Have Saline Implants That Are Now WRINKLED, Sagging, Resting in my Arm Pits. Are My Implants Disintegrating?

My surgery was in 1995. Are my implants disintegrating? My recent mammo confirmed "they" are leaking. Am I in danger? Does this contribute to fatigue?... READ MORE

Which is better: Cohesive Silicone Implants or Ideal Saline Implants?

Hello, I am 19 years old and I am doing extensive research on the new ideal saline implants. Do they wrinkle? Which tends to look or feel more... READ MORE

How long can you have implants?

I have had mine since 2002. I haven't had any problems but I heard that they get hard and you have to have them moved at some time. My last mammogram... READ MORE

Do I Really Need Breast Surgery?

Hello, I am a 24 year old female, 5"4", and 120lbs I have had three children and I am in search of answers on what procedure I really need to get the... READ MORE

Wrinkling on left breast or just settling? (photos)

My left breast seems to be trying to wrinkle (it almost looks like a slight indent about half way between the nipple and the incision, I am 5 weeks... READ MORE

Implants worse than before my revision. Is this normal? (photos)

Implant poking out the cleavage area Or worse like a wrinkled bag on one side w no bra. Was told a lift was needed and could be closer, Impl 10... READ MORE

I live in Canada and had my saline implants done in 1992. When I lie down or wear a bikini, my breasts look old and wrinkled

My plastic surgeon has not answered any of my emails and I have no hospital documentation of the procedure. I am a single mom and am worried that this... READ MORE

I'm just over 3 weeks after surgery and have one more visible implant with light dimpling. Any suggestions?

From about day 3 one breast had a more visible palpable implant (dominant arm) it had some wrinkling to the side, but this has now gone. The implant... READ MORE

Textured saline implants a good idea?

I'm interested in getting a breast augmentation with saline implants under the muscle. I want to decrease my risk of capsular contracture and... READ MORE

8 days post-op; one implant is much higher than the other?

I'm 8 days post op (from saline to teardrop silicone) and my left breast is much lower than the right. The left implant seems to be sitting deeper and... READ MORE

Could my breasts be improved with just a breast augmentation? (photos)

Hi, I am 10 months post breast lift and my breast still have some loose skin and the breast tissue falls to the sides and wrinkle up when I lay down..... READ MORE

Ripple in breast, too big, uneven in size. Any suggestions? (photos)

After 8 months from BL implants, Ripple in right worse, rt side implant more under my arm and smaller than my left. Also lipo done on my waist 10... READ MORE

Why are my implants sagging into my tummy causing wrinkles in my stomach? Why is the pain getting more intense? (Photo)

My implants look a mess,they are really low to the point im pulling my tank tops low down to try and make it look like I have some cleavage.and they... READ MORE

What is the Most Likely Reason That my Recent Surgery Left my Breasts with Wrinkling when I Never Had It with the First Surgery?

What is the most likely reason that my recent surgery left both breasts with visible wrinkling on top & cleavage area. Didn't have any issues... READ MORE

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