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My doctor cut too much off my left breast, making it almost impossible for my wound to heal. Do I need another surgery? (Photo)

Had surgery done 2 months ago initially my right breast was bigger than my left because of breastfeeding. doc measure me like 3 times ended up putting... READ MORE

Can Silicone Implant Show Thru and Open Incision Under Breast After Breast Lift with Augmentation?

I had surgery about a 1 1/2 months ago and still have an open wound under my breast where the T zone is, about the size of a penny, maybe a little... READ MORE

Update: Breast implant exposed but not infected. (Photo)

I got my pathology back and the infection I had in my left breast was MRSA. I work at Kaiser, and I went back to work 3 weeks post op. I am on... READ MORE

Is there anything I can put on a superficial wound opening to speed healing? (Photo)

I am concerned about the inframammary incision healing after breast implants. I am 7.5 wks post op. The incision under my right breast continues to... READ MORE

How to clean the wound incision? (photos)

I am 12 days post op today (had 295cc allergan responsive dual plane). Today i clean the incisions and use antiseptic wound wipes, dry with the hair... READ MORE

Is it okay to still wear a sports bra post breast implant surgery?

I got breast implant and Is it okay to still wear a sports bra while my wound is not fully heal? I start to wear sports bra after i take off my... READ MORE

Should I go to the er? Does it need stitches? (photo)

I have some wound separation it started out as 1 1/2 in size now its about 4 inches wide. went to the dr i was given a antibiotics and silver... READ MORE

How will my breasts look when healed? Will they be more "droopy"?

I'm 23 years old, no kids... I just got my surgery a week and 2 days ago. I was previously an A cup, I got 450cc silicone implants. I know it's too... READ MORE

Have I popped/ripped my stitches? (Photo)

My wounds were really neat and just a straight thin line. Then I noticed the left was like this. Is it possible I have popped a stitch? Am I going to... READ MORE

I had implants a week ago. Is it normal to have bruises in the wounded area? (Photo)

This is my picture after surgery. Is it normal to have bruses in the woonded area?? READ MORE

I had a new implant surgery. After 3 weeks, my incision wound on my right breast broke off and my implant is exposed. (Photo)

My right breast seems fine with no signs of swollen except the incision wound cannot be closed up. Swab pus was taken and microbiology report shows... READ MORE

Incision widening. Worried about implant exposure. Infection (Photo)

After PS removed stitches the T incisions begin to split. right breast incision was wider. left breast incision was more narrow. PS advised medihoney,... READ MORE

What are the chances of my implant being infected? (Photo)

My surgery was done on June 3rd BL/BA. My right breast has had wound separation for the last 2 weeks and looks like a hole has formed. I clean the... READ MORE

Is this wound treatable without removing implant? (Photo)

I had surgery in mid March out of state. A few weeks ago and small whole opened and grew to a bit bigger than it is in the pic. My surgeon advised... READ MORE

Just got my stitches removed a day ago and noticed my wound may not be completely healed? (Photo)

I got 450ccs saline implants through areola on 9/1/5 so I'm about 2 weeks post op.My surgeon removed my stitches yesterday and today I noticed this... READ MORE

Why did I get this small wound around my incision and how can I prevent this from happening again? (Photo)

Hi doctors, I had my BA about 2 wks ago and yesterday I noticed some discharge around the tapes. I saw my PS and we discovered this small wound after... READ MORE

Implant rejection and expanders? (Photos)

I have gone through h*ll to many surgerys to count. One lost nipple one popped implant and replacement then complete loss of the implant so im left... READ MORE

Superficial wound healing advice (Photo)

I have worn a PICO wound vac for two weeks on this and it has became VERY superficial now compared to what it was! I was Just wondering if there was... READ MORE

Redness and wound at areola 15 days post-op. Is this normal? (Photo)

Is it normal to have a wound like this in my areola? Im 15 days post op. Thanks! :) READ MORE

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