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Left Breast Implant Hurts after 7 Years?

Hi,I have brest implants 7 years ago. My left brest hurts a lot but, not all the time. I feel the pain all around the breast but is more painful... READ MORE

5 days post op Breast implant, the pain is getting worse when will it subside?

I'm 5 days post op & the pressure with pain from surgery is getting worse. First 2-3 days post op I hardley felt anything. Now when I wake up I feel... READ MORE

As my breasts point slightly out wards, will getting a breast augmentation make that worse? (before)

I know that what you have to begin with carries through after the ba but to what degree? Will they point further out wards? Will the gap in between... READ MORE

It has been 7 months and still no sign of scars fading. Will this get better or am I stuck with the results?

It has been 7 months and still no sign of scars fading. The scars are really thick all the way around the nipples as well as both lines going down the... READ MORE

Surgeon Tried to Fix the Loose Breast and Loosen the Tight One. Now Worse?

  The breast that was loose after repair looks the same , except now scar is bigger and thicker. It looks like a saggy old breast. The one... READ MORE

Follow Up: Double bubble / Flex Deformity after 3 months post-up. (Photo)

I wrote a previous question about my deformity after 3 months post-up. I gather more information and still waiting for an answer from my PS. What can... READ MORE

Will "bottoming out" continue to get worse over time?

I had my 3 month post-op visit for my breast augmentation last week. My doctor confirmed that I have "bottoming out" on my left side. Right now it is... READ MORE

Will my breast asymmetry be worse after breast augmentation? (Photo)

Hello, Is it a good idea to use different sized implants or will it make everything worse (nipples and areola) ? Thanks for your answers! READ MORE

I have headache ever since breast implants. Why is this happening?

I got implants on Monday July 20th and I've had a headache everyday ever since. I stopped taking the pain pills about 4 days ago and the headaches... READ MORE

After multiple consultations, I am more confused. Can I get Implants without a lift? (Photos)

One PS says I need shaped/textured the other said I have to do a lift and round implants are just fine. 2 consults down both left my sad, feeling... READ MORE

Implants worse than before my revision. Is this normal? (photos)

Implant poking out the cleavage area Or worse like a wrinkled bag on one side w no bra. Was told a lift was needed and could be closer, Impl 10... READ MORE

Are my post BA breasts tuberous? (Photo)

I got a normal BA 2 years ago.I think they were tuberous before&getting implants made the problem worse.Unfortunately my surgeon sucked.I should've... READ MORE

What kind of implants would minimize my wide set breasts? (photo)

I am planning on getting gummy bear implants, but I'm wondering if round implants would look better? Any technique to help with the wide space between... READ MORE

For a natural breast augmentation, what implant type, size and position? Also treatment for puffy nipples? (photos)

I'm wanting a natural enlargement (a B to C/D). I am confused with what implants would work best for me size shape and position? Round v anatomical?... READ MORE

Will breast implants make my congenital symmastia worse? (Photo)

I'm a 34B and I've struggled to find a surgeon in the UK that has had much luck with correction of natural symmastia. My current surgeon has been... READ MORE

Originally I had a tubular breasts but the surgeon said implants would help. 1 yo I had a boob job. Is my doctor right? (photo)

He put in 425cc in my boobs high profile partials. Now my boobs look even worse and Saggier! My doctor has agreed to do me an uplift and put new... READ MORE

Is there a way to make breasts look perkier with just implants and no lift surgery?

I don't really like the look of breasts after a breast lift surgery, I believe it makes it obvious that a surgery has been performed. I am eighteen... READ MORE

Is eczema worse after silicone implants?

I have a history of nipple eczema after breastfeeding. Can anyone comment on how it may be impacted with silicone implants and an under breast... READ MORE

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