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How Will Breast Implants Affect Exercise in the Long Run?

I understand that I will need to take some time off workouts for the first few weeks post op but how will breast implants affect my exercise routine... READ MORE

Workouts Before / After Saline Implants, Under Muscle

I work out about 2-3x a week with weights and cardio. having saline implants under muscle. When can i restart with my excercise and will i have... READ MORE

I Want Long Term, Low-risk Implants to Compliment my Athletic Lifestyle

I am athletic (In the Marine Corps), weight 135 lbs normally (fluxuates 10 lbs or so), am 5'5, dark hair and eyes, work out most days a week. I... READ MORE

Chest Workout to Keep Implants from Getting Smaller?

I have lost around 10 pounds, and my breast implants are looking smaller. Is there any type of chest workout I can do to keep this from happening? READ MORE

How bad can a Capsular Contracture hurt?

I have a CC and I'm going to be getting it fixed in a couple months. The problem is I lift heavy weights and I'm an athlete so my career depends on it... READ MORE

What size cc I need to achieve a full C or slightly larger cup size? (photos)

Currently am a 32aa/a, I am quite active, I love to workout and ride horses.I am wanting to be a full c cup or slightly larger that still keeps my... READ MORE

Would Breast Implants help with existent stretch marks?

I have a 1 year old child n gained 100lbs during pregnancy. I worked out reallyyyy hard to get back in shape but now have some strech marks on my... READ MORE

I've got very large (1150cc) breast implants. Will I be able to start Crossfit? What about weight loss (30+ pounds)?

I have made the decision to take control of my weight and lose the 30 pounds or more that I am overweight to try to decrease my blood pressure and... READ MORE

What implants would you suggest to someone who has nothing but loose skin that isn't even a cup size? (photos)

I am over 5'9" and weigh around 145-155 pounds. i have two children and my skin is just so saggy there is no form of even an A cup left. I don't want... READ MORE

I'm 5'2 and 135 lbs. Would implants give me the look I want? (photos)

I'm 5'2 and 135lbs. I'm a large C to small D now. Through pregnancy and breastfeeding I went up to large DD. I have breastfeed 3 children for 4 months... READ MORE

Is lateral displacement common with submuscular placement? What about flex distortion? Should I avoid chest workouts? (Photo)

I have been to one consult so far. The ps said I have little tissue and recommended silicone gel placed sub muscular. I forgot to ask if after 6 weeks... READ MORE

Can I work out if implant is placed over the muscle? (photos)

I am a runner and enjoy weight training 3-4 times a week. I am wondering when I can go back to my regular workouts. I have my implants placed over my... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post op tomorrow. I'm a college athlete. My doctor said I can start light cardio at two weeks.

What exactly does light cardio entail? Am I supposed to do something that will limit movement of my breast implants ie. No jogging or jumping. Or does... READ MORE

Do breast implants "age" with a person?

I'm 51 years young and recently had a mommy make-over. I had breast implants due to one breast being bigger than the other and because they both... READ MORE

How soon will I be able to resume my strength training workouts?

I lift weights often and do martial arts. How long until I would be able to, say, bench press? And will I experonce any difference in my weight... READ MORE

How long after subfascial breast augmentation can I get back to high intensity/heavy weight workouts?

I know under the muscle implants require longer healing time. But it seems over the muscle (subfascial)would be less invasive with quicker healing,... READ MORE

Suspicious scar by incision (Photo)

Just noticed a random scar by my incision and want to know if this was caused by my surgery. I've had the implants for over 4 years now. I workout 5... READ MORE

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