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Breasts Are Sagging After Implants - Will Exercise Help?

I didnt wear a bra after my BA and now my breast sit low and sag, can i work out to repair this?  After I got my BA I stopped wearing any... READ MORE

Does Daily Exercise Affect Breast Implant Placement?

I have 600 cc implants under the muscle but I work out 6 days every week and my friend told me if i work out every day, my implants are going to be... READ MORE

When Can I Do Push Ups and Sit Ups with Breast Implants?

I want to be an officer, but I must be able to do a minimum of 21 pushups to pass my test. I'm getting under the muscle mentor gummy bear implants... READ MORE

Over or Under For Implants if I Want to Get Into CrossFit?

I am getting into Cross Fitness and as I am researching I find where some say you should get your implants over the muscle and others say under. Then... READ MORE

What happens if you lift more than 10 lbs after implants?

I work out and I'm in great shape. I got my implants 13 days ago. I'm actually at the gym right now as I have already been cleared/begged my ps to let... READ MORE

I did push-ups at the gym I got a sharp pain in the right side of my chest, side/top of my right breast near my Armpit?

I did push-ups at the gym on Friday and later found out that my arm position was incorrect. Saturday, I got a sharp pain in the right side of my... READ MORE

Should I stop upper body workouts prior to surgery?

I do bootcamp three days a week and on other days I do a combo of cardio and weight training. A friend of mine mentioned that I may want to hold off... READ MORE

Building Pectoral Muscles After Breast Implants?

I had breast implants under the pectoral muscle 5yrs ago, can I build the pectoral muscles up to lift my implants some? READ MORE

Bright Pink Raised Scar After Starting Workout Routine?

I'm ten weeks post breast lift and augmentation with 325/280 silicone gel implants. I just started getting back in to my 6 days a week of cardio.... READ MORE

Will Working out 3 or 4 Times a Week Wear out a Silicone Breast Implant Shell Faster Than Normal?

I want to get saline implants placed under the chest muscle but I'm concerned about the chest muscles rubbing and squeezing the implant shell when I... READ MORE

Implants and Crossfit?

I'm 34 years old. Had implants for 3 years (250cc under the muscle wanted natural looking saline implants ). I'm only 5'1. I've been doing crossfit... READ MORE

Is 22 to young for Breast Implants? How long until you can work out after surgery?

I am 22, have no children and have lost a lot of weight since high school. Am I too young to be changing my boob size?I eventually want children, how... READ MORE

Should I stop/decrease chest/upper body workout before BA? Surgery 3 wks out. (Photo)

My BA is scheduled for just over 3 weeks. I work out 1hr 3-4 times a week doing suspension (TRX), weight training and some running. I'm wondering if I... READ MORE

When I Lift Weights I Can Feel my Pecs Contracting. Will That Feeling Ever Go Away?

I am 5 weeks post surgery. I had submuscle gel implants inserted in the nipple. The doctor gave me the ok to start working out. Today, I did, but... READ MORE

When Can I Work out After Breast Implants?

I work out often (a lot of cardio and running). I understand that I will have to refrain from this for a while but am wondering when is it ok to do a... READ MORE

I Have Rippling Implants, Will Running and Intensive Workouts Make This Worse?

I'm 5 weeks post op, had 265 naturelle implants under muscle, in tall and skinny. The rippling thankfully isn't visible but easy to feel. Is there... READ MORE

When Can I Start Easing into Chest Exercises?

I am 6 weeks post explant of 300cc silicone implants that were placed under the muscle. I only had my implants in for a short time before removing. Is... READ MORE

Advice for implant size?

I am 5,6 1/2", 133lbs. I have a very narrow chest (cannot recall my exact BWD but I do recall hearing 11.(something) . I workout a lot, have a very... READ MORE

Tear to capsule around implant after working out - Will it repair itself?

I had ba on nov 28th 2013 I returned to the gym several weeks later on the ok of my consultant and think I over stretched my chest . I returned to my... READ MORE

How long should I wait to do a lower body workout after a "Rapid Recovery" breast augmentation?

I'm very fit and enjoy lifting heavy weights several times per week. I'm wondering if getting the 'rapid recovery' procedure decreases the amount of... READ MORE

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