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Are All Silicone Implants Memory Gel?

Im very interested in having silicone implants. However the complications are holding me back. memory gel seems very safe since it doesnt move out of... READ MORE

How Long Are Breast Implants Covered Under Warranty for Leakage?

My breast augmentation was performed in 2007.Information gotten from the operative report indicate the brand of implant to be Inamed McGhan.I have... READ MORE

Breast Implant Warranty Only Going to Cover One Implant?

I recently went and had a consultation with a doctor on my breast augmentation revision. I had breast implants back in 2001. My left implant has... READ MORE

Lifetime Warranty for Mentor Breast Implants?

I think my breast implants were manufactured by Mentor, and I am just wondering (because I don't remember) if there's a lifetime warranty on them,... READ MORE

I was wondering if I would be still covered under the warranty? I have Capsular Contracture with one of my implants.

I had implants put in 3 months ago. I am having a problem with the left breast. My doctor told me after 3 months that I have Capsular Contracture. I... READ MORE

Does Overfilling Saline Implants Void Warranty?

Why do doctors often overfill? How much overfilling is too much? READ MORE

Should I Purchase the "Extra" Warranty?

I visited my PS today and picked my cup size. Yay! The manufacturer offers: Current Warranty: $1200 towards surgery and/or anesthesia Extended if I... READ MORE

If my Saline Breast Implant is Overfilled, Will the Manufacturer's Warranty Be Voided?

At my post-op appt yesterday, I learned the fill volumes of my Mentor smooth round mod plus saline implants: Left - 375 filled to 450cc & Right -... READ MORE

Can I Extend my Breast Implant Warranty?

My friend said she thought there was a way to extend the warranty on my silcone implants. i'd like more inforamtion about this.  thanks very much... READ MORE

Am I Covered Under Warranty Regardless of Pregnancy?

I recieved my 360cc McGhan Saline implants March 18 2004. They have been great. Since then I have had 2 children with no effects except my breast... READ MORE

Will a Warranty Cover The Implant and Partial Costs if Breast Implants are Leaking?

I had my aug 6/99. Saline,but I'm not sure of the brand.About 3 years ago,my right breast seemed smaller so I went to my surgeon to discuss if it... READ MORE

Ruptured Saline Breast Implant Warranty. How much credit, how long for surgeons office to issue refund for saline implant(s)?

My question is, How long does it generally take for this credit or refund from the Drs office to happen? I paid for my surgery in full a few weeks... READ MORE

Does the Extended Implant Warranty Cover All Costs?

My right implant has leaked. I have had the implants for over 5 years and no serious trama or force to cause the leak. I bought the extended warranty.... READ MORE

I had McGhan style 468 implants on March 29 2002.Never had any problems with them except being very hard.

On Feb.28 2014 my left implant deflated,will I be able to get it replaced under McGhan Confidence Plus Warranty.Any info. Will be very helpful,Thank you. READ MORE

How Long Do Breast Implant Warranties Last?

Breast implants placed in 1989. My left breast implant ruptured. How long does the implant warranty last? READ MORE

Is There a Lab Test That Could Be Done After Explantation of Leaking Silicone Implants to Prove It Before Sending to Mentor?

Apparently my Mentor silicone gel implants have been leaking for five years. Neither the imaging facility or the doctor told me until after this... READ MORE

Will an Overfilled Implant Void my Warranty?

Due to asymmetry, my PS gave me 250's but filled the left smaller breast to 315. I'm concerned that this 26% overfill potentially voids my... READ MORE

Can Mentor Saline Implants May Be Reused?

Can Mentor Saline Implants be reused for revision if the Mentor Manufacture say that they can NOT? What about warranty? Will be void? READ MORE

I want to know if any surgery work has a warranty? I haven't done any surgery yet! I just have that concern.

We are going to major surgery and a lot of money to do it and some of of with major sacrifice to afford something like that. My question for any... READ MORE

Will Over-filling Void Warranty or Increase Risk of Faulty Valve with Breast Implants?

I have Allergan 360-390cc implants and they said the max fill is 390 and that they are a one time use valve. I am confused because some surgeons say... READ MORE

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