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Unhappy w/ Results. How Long Should I Wait for a Redo?

I Got Sub Muscular High Profile Saline Breast Implants 3 Months Ago.My PS Put in 215ccs in through inframammary incison 3 months ago.Iam disssatisfied... READ MORE

Help! Uneven Breasts 3 Months Post Surgery. Should I Wait? (photo)

I am 3mo post surgery - 230cc silicone breast implants. I had little asymmetry prior to surgery, and now have visible asymmetry with shape, size and... READ MORE

Can I get breast implants at 15 for uneven breasts with parental consent? Or do I have to wait until I'm 18?

Ok well i am 15 years old and my breasts are REALLY uneven it runs in my dads family but its soo bad i cant even go swimming and im young and i what... READ MORE

Im 29 & Want Babies in a Year or So, Should I Wait to Get Implants?

Im 29 and i have a b cup breast, im very athletic and i have been recommended round implants under the muscle. My only concern now is i plan to start... READ MORE

Has anyone had the new B-lite breast implants yet?

I have been without breast implants for 3 years now and said I would never have another set again unless they made them lighter and have been waiting... READ MORE

Should I Wait Til I'm Older to Get an Augmentation?

Hi, I'm 18 almost 19 and I'm interested in breast implants. I want the most natural look and feel possible. I'm worried about people noticing when... READ MORE

Ideal implant vs. it worth waiting for silicone?

I am 20 years old, and have small breasts (34A). My goal is to have full, natural looking breasts after my augmentation. I want to have the surgery... READ MORE

Being under the age of 22, are saline implants my only option?

I am 18 years old and would like to get silicone implants or gummy bear implants. My concerning factors are the longevity of the implant, along with... READ MORE

I want breast implants so bad but can't afford but $1500 at the minimum. Can you help? I live in GA.

Try Dr perfosky in Macon said good candidate cost 4700 also try CG cosemestic in Miami fl sent pics also said good candidate still got in mine just 8... READ MORE

I want breast implants but I haven't had kids yet. Will I still be able to breastfeed? Or will it interfere, milk supply?(photo)

I would hate to not be able to have the best chance at breastfeeding out of vanity. I'm not completely unhappy with my breast but they are on the... READ MORE

Silicone before 22?

I won't have the money for breast augmentation until I'm 20, and I would want to have the surgery done in the summer, as I'm a college student who... READ MORE

Will I be paying way too much for my silicone breast implants?

Breast lift & augmentation: my 1st visit about 2 years ago I got a quote of $11,900 and decided to wait. Now that I'm ready... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post-op, are my breasts going to even out in size? (Photos)

I am three weeks post op second breast augmentation and my right breast is about a half a cup size bigger. Dr. keeps telling me to wait for three... READ MORE

Do I need a larger implant on my left breast? (Photos)

Was seen for 6 week post op appointment today. My PS said we will wait 2 months and decide whether to put a larger implant in on the left side. Just... READ MORE

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