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Would You Advise For/against 350cc High Profile Implants for This Petite Mother of 2? (photo)

The pictures show my breasts as they were when I decided to stop nursing my 2nd child. They have since then shrunk into less than 32A. No droop, but... READ MORE

How to Get Hourglass Shape with Implants?

Hi, I am 28 yrs old 5' 4 120lbs, no children, 32 b - 23 - 36 I am REALLY wanting to have implants that are ROUND, FULL, AND FAKE looking. I lost... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Breast Implants Ideal Size

I'm going to have a breast lift as well as implants. My surgeon suggests 200cc implants while my current size is 32DD/E, but i lack volume. In your... READ MORE

I am 52 yrs old. Is that too old for breast implants? (photo)

I used to be a B/C cup before I had children. Between having kids and age I have lost most of my breasts and shape. I just want back what I lost. Is... READ MORE

Undecided, Lift or Implants. Surgery in 3 Weeks, Opinions Please

Hello. I have my breast surgery scheduled in June, however, am still undecided which route I should take. Would 500cc saline implants be sufficent to... READ MORE

I Am Wanting 550 or 600cc Breast Implants, is That Too Big for my Frame?

I am 33 years old, 5'6", 155lbs, small 36C....had 1 child, breast feed and lost volume. I had a consult and decided to do silicone implants... READ MORE

Will 280cc Be Too Small? (photo)

I am 5'9, 146 pounds. have had a weight loss of 90lbs over the past 3 years. I have lost significant volume. My surgeon says based on my frame, the... READ MORE

Breast Augmenation 4'11 120lbs? (photo)

Hi, I am 4'11" at 120lbs. I was a 36D but lost weight now am a 34DDD/36DD (they dont feel like it) now I lost some fullness and a bit saggy.Am 31 rib... READ MORE

Do You Lose CC's Behind the Muscle with Saline Implants?

I tried on sizers and immediately fell in love & decided to go with saline's 475cc(r) & 500cc(left) but I've read that you lose volume... READ MORE

I am interested in a C cup teardrop implant before and after photos. I am currently a small B, before breastfeeding I was a C?

I have nursed three children (5 years of nursing total). I have major volume loss, but pretty sure I don't need a lift. I was a full C before children... READ MORE

Deflated 34D/DD (Uk) with Mild Ptosis, Will Implants Fix This?

I have a decent size already however the shape, fullness, deflatedness and mild ptosis (tested with ruler), have a huge affect on my confidence and... READ MORE

Booked for 600cc implants. Will that be alright? (photo)

Hi I am 5ft 2 and 12 stone I am booked in for 600cc in 5 weeks time I am a 36e in a bra at the moment but lost volume due to breast feeding I was told... READ MORE

I Am 5'2, 112lbs, Age 48, With Three Children. Currently A Small 34b/c, Won't 425cc Silicone Be Too Large For Me?

I am 5'2, 112 pounds, 48 y/o. I have had three children and am very athletic. I had a breast lift 20 years ago.I currently wear a size 34 b to 34c... READ MORE

Breast Saline Implants Possibly Leaking? Or Other Problem?

Poss.. left saline leaking or another prob.. 8 years no prob...recently noticed, volume change on top left breast... soft,, drooping like a real... READ MORE

Small Implant Used to "Lift" Breast?

After two babies/breastfeeding most volume above my nipple is gone. I still wear a DD bra in most brands but was told by my plastic surgeon that in... READ MORE

Will I get round/perky breast with implant only, no lift? (Photos)

36 year old, med build, 5'3", 148 lbs. 0 children. Current bra size is Btwn full D & small DD. Was a DDD. Lost volume in top of breast since... READ MORE

Can I Have Larger Breast Implants Put in Instead of Having to Have a Lift to Restore the Shape and Upper Poll of my Breasts?

Had 2 kids and weight loss. Breasts were never perky really. I have lost all volume in my breasts. I want larger, fuller breast again but don't want a... READ MORE

I just turned 39, should I wait until I'm 40 to get my required mammogram before getting Breast Implants?

I never really considered implants before but recently I had my first cosmetic surgery and now I guess I want my breast to be proportionate. I had my... READ MORE

What Op to Have? 10 Years Post Implants, Volume Loss and Loose? (photo)

I have had implants in now for 10 years (260g over the muscle). I now have lost more of my own breast tissue, so I feel that they are very loose in... READ MORE

In a moderate plus profile, which provides more upper pole fullness; Silicone or saline?

I'm 32 years old and am presently a 36C but I've lost shape and volume over time, particularly in the upper poles. I'm considering 300cc's but am... READ MORE

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