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Will Breast Implants Make Stretch Marks Worse?

I was D cup, now am a small B cup. I only had stretch marks on the bottom of my breasts, and little on the sides. Later they shrunk and I got stretch... READ MORE

Can Breast Implants Be Positioned to Look Natural?

Hi I have a question, I am going to get breast implants done this December and I'm having a lot of trouble deciding whether I should go high profile... READ MORE

High Profile Implants for Droopy Breasts?

I am 115 lbs and 31" chest. I am a somewhat droopy B cup. Nipples do not point downward. I lost a significant amount of weight and lost breast... READ MORE

How to Achieve Medium C Breasts on Petite Frame?

There have been various Q&A's on this, but would like an opinion pertaining to me personally. I'm petite, 5'2 107lbs, small B (lost volume on top... READ MORE

Reduce Saline Breast Implant Volume Without Surgery?

Is it possible to reduce approximately 70 cc from saline breast implants without having surgery (for example, with a very small needle)? Would it... READ MORE

34D Breasts Have Lost Volume - Could I Get Breast Implants and Avoid a Breast Lift?

I'm trying to avoid getting a breast lift that will leave a nasty scar. I also want to get an areola reduction since they have gotten bigger &... READ MORE

Can Breast Implants Be Added to Already D Size Breasts to Fill out Lost Breast Tissue Instead of a Breast Lift?

I have recently lost about 90 lb which is great, but of course I now have a lot of extra skin. The biggest issue for me is the loss of breast volume.... READ MORE

Breast Implants with Lift Cost in GA?

I have 3 kids and I'm still fairly young. I have lost volume in my breast as well as a cup size. I am interested in having breast implants with breast... READ MORE

Small Breast Implants for Sagging Breasts After Lift?

I had a breast lift 3 months ago and it's sagging already (loss of tissue and mass above areola).  A doctor suggested tiny breast implants,... READ MORE

Breast Implants to Regain Full D Cup?

I am a 42-year-old woman with 34-36D bust. No kids, but I have noticed a decrease in fullness over time. I do NOT want to go any bigger with breast... READ MORE

Breast Implants Reduction, Recommendation On Size of Implant? (photo)

I'm a big boned woman && I got implants really for the volume. But I guess they drop I didn't really think about that when I picked the size.... READ MORE

My 750cc HP unders seem so small and I have no bottom boob. Will my implant fill the bottom boob area? (Photo)

I'm 7wks post op and my 750cc seem so small. I'm 5"7 195lbs and got fitted today and I mesured 36DDD. They are high but the projection isn't there.... READ MORE

Breast Implants, Do I Need a Lift?

I am considering breast implants and would like to know if you think i would need a lift and implants or if the implants would fill in where i need... READ MORE

Uneven Implants, Volume and Placement?

I have wrote previously but my picture failed to show what I was trying to explain so I am posting again. My breasts were healing quite evenly in the... READ MORE

Subglandular, submuscular/subpectoral, or subfascial placement for silicone gel breast implants? (photos)

My implants are mostly for fixing asymmetry & adding slight volume, but not enlarging breast size. So the implants would be quite small. Originally I... READ MORE

Adding Volume to Implants

Can a PS put more volume implant with same diameter if he makes bigger pockets.My pockets are not up to the clavicle.Ihave high profile saline... READ MORE

I am currently a 34D and want to restore volume. Should I get implants? I don't want to be too big! (Photo)

I am questioning whether or not I should even get the implants since I am already a 34D. I don't need a lift according to my PS. But he is... READ MORE

How Do I Decide on How Many Cc's and What Profile?

I have a consultation with a PS in two weeks. I would like to be a bit educated on sizing before I go in. What measurements do I need? My rib cage is... READ MORE

Can I do an implant, or do I need a lift + implant? (Photo)

The surgeon I saw says I have grade-1 ptosis. He says it's "borderline," though -- that I could still get "satisfactory" results with an implant alone... READ MORE

575 cc in the left and 615 cc in the right implants?

I am 5 1" and wt is 160 I am currently a 36DD (Victoria secret bras) with no volume and now the bras are big on me do to a 26lbs weight loss. I am... READ MORE

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