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Asymmetrical Breast Implant Results

I had a breast augmentation 3 months ago, 350cc filled to 400cc (Saline) under the muscle. My right breast was larger to begin with, so my surgeon did... READ MORE

How to Fix Bottomed out Saline Submuscular Implants?

Best way to fix bottomed out implants-surgeon is charging me full price ($5,000ish). Surgery was September 2008. Implants bottomed out? Saline... READ MORE

If Had an Unsuccessful Nipple Inversion Correction Surgery Twice, Will Implants Help?

I've had 2 nipple correction surgeries, one in hospital under general anesthesia and then again in office w a local in office procedure, both... READ MORE

I Wanted Upper Pole Fullness, Why Didn't 960cc Get Me This?

44DD Pre-op and Had a Lift and Aug with Saline 960cc Mod Plus Implants Now I'm a 44DDD. im 34 5'6 and 200lbs, with 2 kids. i wanted to go to a... READ MORE

Help! What Do I Do? Is Getting Them Redone the 5th Time Dangerous?

I've had my breast done 2yrs ago! I just had my 4th procedure done yesterday due to capsulars occurring on the same breast! However, my 3rd visit... READ MORE

What Results Can I Expect if I Replace my Periareoler Lift and Implants with a Traditional Lift and Explant?

After weight loss my breasts shrank from a 34DDD to a droopy 34C. I had a periareolar lift w/400cc sub-pectoral implants to avoid anchor scars. After... READ MORE

Is a "Button-hole" a Normal Complication of Breast Implants?

My surgeon "button-holed" my skin. The cut reopened and implants needed to be removed due to possible infection. I now need 6 wks of IV & oral... READ MORE

One month post op - I think I have a Muscle Flex Deformity/Protruding Ripple/Asymmetry? (photos)

Goal: correct asymmetry due to cyst removal 7yrs ago in R breast. Vectra scan determined R breast 70cc smaller, 1cm wider. Went w/ Natrelle Inspira... READ MORE

Would you agree that I need a lift and would I have good results? (photo)

Had my surgery a year ago and feel very unsatisfied with my results. I fell I have had nothing done and that they look worse. My doc is now saying I... READ MORE

Should I have pushed for implants larger than 370cc my surgeon used? (photo)

I feel that my breasts are ok but wish that they would have used larger implants but was told this would not suit. I'm not satisfied and wanted a more... READ MORE

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