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Breast implants aren't going as I hoped they would. They are hard and look unnatural it's been 4/5 months post op. (Photo)

Every time I move my arm my implant gets as hard as a rock. I can't push my breasts together without there being a weird space gap. They get hard when... READ MORE

Concerned About Breast Implants with Pectus Excavatum? (photo)

I received silicone breast implants under the muscle 1 and 1/2 yrs ago and have slight pectus excavatum. I went from barely an A cup to a full B. At... READ MORE

Why Do Some Women's Breast Implants Look Like 2 Round Rocks?

Dear Doctors, I know this is a very silly question but I have seen many women with breast implants, and when the breasts end up very large they end up... READ MORE

Ended Up With Unnaturally Huge Boobs. What Do I Do?

I am 5'5 and 115 pounds. I have a narrow chest. I lost about 40 pounds in the last 2 years, which resulted in grade 1 ptosis. I asked my surgeon for... READ MORE

Dr. Used the Natrelle 240 Gr Cohesive Silicone Gel Texturized Full Projection Implants I Wanted a Natural Look but Dont? (photo)

I breast fed 3 babies was 32 a cup and wanted a 32 b cup natural looking. doctor suggested the 240 g implants for my body. my breast look good in... READ MORE

Left breast hasn't felt right since BA and implant moves around. Is it positioned incorrectly? Why is my gap so huge? (Photo)

6 months post-op. I asked for a full but natural look. 325cc R and 350cc L round textured implants dual plane. I questioned my surgeon about the gap... READ MORE

Could I Get the Fake Look with Mild Ptosis Prior to Surgery?

I lost weight when I was younger and therefore my breasts have a "deflated" appearance, but I have done the pencil test, and my nipples do not appear... READ MORE

Will my Boob Job Still Have the Crisp Circle Edge Fake Look? (photo)

I am not finished losing weight yet i am currently at 73kilos needing to get to 63. but my boob job is in two weeks time. will it still have the crisp... READ MORE

Is a 380cc Implants over the muscle too big for someone who is currently an A cup?

I have recently seen a surgeon who suggested a 380cc over the muscle to give me a roughly c/d cup but I am only an A cup to start with and im... READ MORE

I am 5'8", 135 pounds. My chest width is about 35 cm. Is 520cc too big for someone wanting a natural full C cup? (Photo)

I am quite flat chest it with very little breast tissue. I would like a natural look fullness and about a full C. I know cup size means nothing but... READ MORE

9 mo post-op breast augmentation. My right is still hard and unnatural. No hang, very firm. When will it act like the left one?

I am 9 mo post op of my breast augmentation. The left one is the perfect softest thing I've ever felt. I got the silicone gummy bears. However my... READ MORE

Will a high profile implant give me an unnatural look? (Photo)

At a consultation yesterday dr recommended I get a high profile implant. Size 450,475,500,550. He said he won't be sure until he does the surgery. I... READ MORE

What results can I expect as a petite woman with 225cc breast implants?

I am getting a breast augmentation soon and leaning towards 225 cc silicone moderate plus or high profile. I am petite (5'2", 95 lbs) and currently 32... READ MORE

What's the ideal implant for my body type? (Photo)

Thin woman, 5’4’’, 111lbs, barely an A cup, BWD 11.6 and with pectus excavatum. Would you recommend smooth or textured implants? Concerns: textu... READ MORE

I am thinking about implants but am not sure how big I can go until it looks unnatural (Photo)

They are a small B with barely any profile.What other recommendations would you suggest to fix up my breasts? READ MORE

Can massages change shape after 5 years of under the muscle breast implants? (Photo)

I have implants under my muscle for 5 years... i think they look unnatural because they are too high. is there any massage technique that could help... READ MORE

Bottoming out 2 month post op, I have 285cc Microphone Polytech implants, they look very unnatural. (photos)

Hi, I am concerned that my implants are bottoming out and look unnatural with different arm positions. For example, I feel that when I raise my... READ MORE

8 days post-op subglandular implants, are they normal? (Photos)

I am worried that my implants are too high and there is too much upper pole fullness which makes them look weird and unnatural. Do they look normal... READ MORE

Will larger implants feel hard and unnatural? (Photo)

I am scheduled to have a beast augmentation this Saturday. The nurse told me that she would not recommend that I go beyond 205 cc because my breast... READ MORE

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