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More Proportional Feminine Look Through Breast Implants?

I am a large framed person at 5'6" and 190 pounds. I am healthy and well-proportioned, except I have broad shoulders and my legs and arms are... READ MORE

After 7 Years I Feel Like my Body is Rejecting the Implants, is This Possible?

Over the past 2 months I have had a niggling pain in the one spot of my right breast which would come and go. Then about 2 weeks ago my breasts felt... READ MORE

My Implants Are High and Under my Arms and They Are Very Tight

My surgeon gave me a bra to wear but it isn't doing anything for me. I have read where several doctors use a wrap to help reduce swelling and to... READ MORE

As my breasts point slightly out wards, will getting a breast augmentation make that worse? (before)

I know that what you have to begin with carries through after the ba but to what degree? Will they point further out wards? Will the gap in between... READ MORE

Under arm laser for hair remove. Is it safe after breast augmentation one year?

I want to get under arm lazier hair removing after my breast augmentation , I had silicon under muscle one year ago (200and150lb) and lifting too,is... READ MORE

Numbness under arm after BA. Is this normal or have I ended up with nerve damage?

So it's been just over 3 months since I had my breast augmentation via transaxillary incisions and I still have numbness under my right arm maybe... READ MORE

Surgeon "Popped" Arm Muscle for Underarm Incision for Breast Implants

Had my BA 3 weeks ago and doc had to pop muscle in my arms...(incision is underarm). My other arm me said to put more pressure on in my massages but... READ MORE

Can my deflated implant puncture my lung?

I have had my saline implants drained due to having severe osteoporosis and back problems. They were originally placed under the muscle. The implant... READ MORE

Sharp pain in left breast near underarm?

I had my BA about 7years ago. For about a week now I have sharp pain between my left breast and underarm. It come and goes not constant. When it... READ MORE

Decision to make before going under the knife: incision area? Under arm or under breast?

I have a pre-op appt on Sept 8th and have some time to think about where I want the incision to be made. I've watch many before/after vlogs, pictures,... READ MORE

Are my implants too big for my frame?

Hi, I'm looking for some advice please, I had my breast implants changed, The surgeon said I'd have to go bigger to uplift my breasts, He ended up... READ MORE

Swollen lymph nodes in underarm. Inframammary incision. Normal? 2 weeks post-op

I JUST asked a question pertaining to my underarm, but since then, I've come to find 2 or three swollen lymph nodes that are sore, so I suppose that... READ MORE

Do I need a lift? Why do they fall when I lie down? (Photo)

I had my implants done in may of 2013 and im already thinking they need to be redone i was told i didnt need a lift when i got them and im starting to... READ MORE

Saline filled cohesive gel impants under muscle (incision underarm) 3 days ago:Sharp pain under R breast-same area as small lump

Noticed slight bump under R breast day after surgery (liquid feel) that I can slightly move. Having sporadic/unbearable sharp shooting pains in the... READ MORE

Can I get small implants after my breast lift and will it remove the extra skin flaps under my arms? (Photo)

I got a breast lift 6 years ago and I have this extra skin flap (dog ears) on both sides that drives me crazy. I would also like to possibly get a... READ MORE

I'm 4days post op 410 overs.. Is swelling under arm normal?

Swelling after breast enlargement under arm and moving round my back, not hot to touch or sore READ MORE

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