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Are There Risks in Having Breast Implants with a Fibroadenoma?

I found out that i have a fibroadenoma and have had two ultra sounds on my breast. the doctor didn't seem too worried until i mentioned that i... READ MORE

Does it look like my breast are starting to drop n fluff? Still don't know what it means. (photos)

I had the stiches out today feel so much better. Do my breast 500cc textured silicone look like they are "fluffing". My ps and gp advised me of... READ MORE

Is Ultrasound Massage Harmful to Breast Implants?

I recently developed capsular contracture and my doctor is giving me ultrasound massage on the affected breast. Is this harmful to submuscular saline... READ MORE

Hardened breast implant, can this go away? (Picture)

Eight years ago, I augmented 235 ml round silicon implants. Recently I noticed that my left breast is harder then the right one and that I could... READ MORE

Could my Issues Be Related to Placement Around Muscle? (photo)

Would MRI and Ultrasound Be the Safest Way to Find out What's Going On? I'm having numbness & tingling along with a dull achy feeling from my... READ MORE

Can ultrasound be used to detect implant rupture or only MRI? I've had my implants 10 yrs, one of my breasts is swollen. (photo)

Started to get a burning pain in medial side of right breast 3 weeks ago. It went after 3 days. A week ago I had an aching pain around armpit and... READ MORE

Can I Use Ultrasound to Help my Capsular Contraction Three Years After Surgery?

I have a capsular contraction on my left breast which appeared right after surgery. I was moving at the time so I decided to leave it alone, but now I... READ MORE

Breast augmentation fluid build up in one breast 10 months post op. Is drainage a fairly safe and easy procedure? (Photo)

I had breast argumentation 10 months ago in Thailand and 1 of my breast is a lot larger than the other. I had a ultrasound done in Australia that... READ MORE

What are the health risks of not removing ruptured 28 yr old siilcone implants?

I have 28 yr old implants and am 62 yrs old. Do they have to come out. Ultrasound shows intracapsular rupture. READ MORE

Can my implants move outward & into pocket after almost a year post op? (Photo)

My dr tells me to keep massaging and pushing outward on my implants so they can move into pocket. My dr also told me to use ultrasound vibrations(us... READ MORE

Should I have my lymph node in my armpit which has silicone it in removed? It has leaked from my implants

Yesterday I had an ultrasound scan due to finding a lump in my arm pit where my lymph node is. The doctor said my breast implant has ruptured and the... READ MORE

Capsular contracture occurring in 25 year old implants? (Photo)

In 1988 had BA, sub-glandular, silicone (MEM type) implants. No problems until 2013. Sudden redness (possible duct infection?) and pain, followed by... READ MORE

'75 Breast Implant Injury With Pain and Possible Displacement

I had a saline implant on top of muscle in '75. I didn't know for 10 years that it wasn't supposed to be hard. Never had it replaced. 2 weeks ago it... READ MORE

An Ultrasound confirms a rupture and a couple of months later a MRI shows NO rupture? Why is this?? (photo)

I originally noticed hardening to the left boob. An ultrasound shows silicon leaking out and rippling to the outer edge of the implant. Although my... READ MORE

Radiologist told me my ultrasound showed fluid behind breast/implants?

The ultrasound also showed no cancer or rupture, but I'm worried about the fluid. I'm scheduled for explant surgery with capsulectomy soon and... READ MORE

Hi I Have Pip Implants Will an Ultra Sound Scan Show Up Any Ruptures?

Hi I Have Pip Implants Will an Ultra Sound Scan Show Up Any Ruptures? READ MORE

Ultrasound on my Left Saline Implant is Showing That the Implant Has a Lump and Not the Surrounding Tissue?

I recently felt a lump located at the top of my left breast, above saline implant. It was hard & protruding thru the breast tissue. The ultrasound... READ MORE

Have you heard of Aspen Technologies? What is your opinion of ultrasound for scar tissue?

Had my 3rd capsulectomy on my right breast, with Alloderm on the last one. 2 wks out it was already hardening. Looking on the internet it varies from... READ MORE

Ultrasound treament for capsular contracture?

4 months post op. 350cc textured silicone under muscle. I have developed capsular contracture in one breast, is ultrasound therapy a successful... READ MORE

Both of my silicone breast implants are ruptured and have extended to outside the breast. What do I do now?

I had an ultrasound done and after a week finally spoke to my doctor. He said that both my implants had ruptured but I didn't have to worry about it... READ MORE

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