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What Are the Different Types of Silicone Implants?

Im going to my pre-op appointment in a few days and my breast augmentation surgery/tubular breast correction is in a couple weeks. I have decided that... READ MORE

Should my Chest Hurt from Having Breast Implants After 10 Years?

Back in 2000 I got breast implants due to tubular breast deformity which was severe. I was 20 and now I'm 30 and still have them in me. I never... READ MORE

Can a Lowered Inframammary Fold Be Corrected?

My doctor and I agreed to lower my inframammary fold due to some slight tubular deformity and ptosis. There are some problems with the outcome and its... READ MORE

Are Saline or Silicone Implants Better for Tubular Breasts?

At 20 years old, I have tubular breasts set far apart and have been looking into mastoplexy surgery. I understand that there are two options: saline... READ MORE

I Have a Huge Dent in One Breast After Getting Implants and Now the Other Shows Some Form of a Dent... What is Wrong? (photo)

I had tubular breast syndrome of my right breast very bad. so I had an expander put in and it was filled to a d size so I cld have a size c. This was... READ MORE

Correction to Tubular Breasts Without Areola Reduction

If mild case of tubular breast, without need of a lift. I want implants (small, like 250 CC) and internal incisions to correct the tubular deformity,... READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breasts? I am 18 and they look saggy. (photo)

I'm 18 and I really think i have tubular breasts , they just look saggy and not right ... READ MORE

What would you recommend to correct my tuberous breast? (photo)

Also does blue cross blue shield cover it or some of it? Tuberous Breast Deformity is a congenital deformity which can be corrected by reconstruction... READ MORE

I Still Have Tubular Breasts After Augmentation. 1 Months Post. Options?

I am 4 weeks post op from augmentation. I got 286cc under the muscle, although I am unhappy with the side and feel they are too small my other big... READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breasts, Will I Need Tubular Breast Correction, or Will Implants Give a Good Result? (photo)

My breasts have been measured at a 32C, however they appear to be a lot smaller and are very widely set, they do not have particular large areola, but... READ MORE

I have swelling on my sternum 3 week post op. Is it normal and is it going to subside, or is it symmastia? (Photo)

I had BA done 23 days ago . i had tubular breast , i went for 365 cc anatomical silicon gel silimed , i am not happy with my result it looks weird to... READ MORE

Best options for tubular (I think) breasts with large areola and flat, low nipples? (Photo)

I'm really unhappy with the appearance of my breasts when my nipples are not erect. When my nipples are hard I actually like how they look, but my... READ MORE

18 year-old with very small, constricted breasts. Do I have tuberous breasts, and can I correct them without implants? (photos)

I'm 18 and never really developed anything. I don't fit into almost any bras due to the lack of fullness. My nipples fit the criteria of tuberous... READ MORE

I Had Tubular Breast Correction and Benneli Lift, Dr Missed Whole Outside of Areola ? (photo)

Not to mention still have horrible tubular shape n double bubble i am eight weeks post op paid him alot of money and got a horrible job! Anything i... READ MORE

Areola Reduction and Tissue Expantion for Tuberous Breasts, Will This Give Me Normal, Full Looking Breasts?

I have tuberous breasts, and I know I would have to fix the 'puffiness' of my areolas with a reduction. And the rest with implants, but I don't think... READ MORE

Do I have any features of tubular breasts? (photo)

Hello my name is Christina I am an 18 year old female and I have been very self conscious about my breast shape since I was about 13 , I've always... READ MORE

Follow-up: Does insurance cover tuberous breast since it is abnormal?

I know there is no health concern with tuberous breast but is there anyway around it? Any recommendations? READ MORE

Is this a normal appearance for a tuberous patient 2 months post op with implants only?

In consult my surgeon said it could be 6 months before my breasts have a more normal appearance. He said to have realistic expectations but didn't... READ MORE

Help with tubular breast! (photos)

Hi, I had my implants done two weeks ago and I had tear drop implants- left 315cc right 290cc. They are submuscular and right now don't hurt but I... READ MORE

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