Tissue Expander + Breast Implants

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Can I Get a Breast Implant in One Breast and a Diep Flap in the Other Radiated Breast and Acheive Symmetry?

I currently have tissue expanders in and I had radiation on right breast. I am expriencing complications and I am having the expanders removed and... READ MORE

Areola Reduction and Tissue Expantion for Tuberous Breasts, Will This Give Me Normal, Full Looking Breasts?

I have tuberous breasts, and I know I would have to fix the 'puffiness' of my areolas with a reduction. And the rest with implants, but I don't think... READ MORE

On a scale of 1 - 10, where do my tubular breasts fit on that rating scale? (Photo)

I have gone to a plastic surgeon and I was told that there is a 75cc different between the 2 breasts. I am interested in getting silicone implants.... READ MORE

I have tubular breasts and Lupus. Are there any cosmetic surgeons who would operate on me? What are my options? (Photo)

My Lupus is currently under control and I feel great. I looked at tissue expansion and implants . Not sure what would work best. READ MORE

Help with tuberous breast options and info. Should I have tissue expanders first before the implants? (Photo)

I'm a 21 y,o with tuberous breast deformity. Looking for info. - should I have tissue expanders first before the implants? - can I go for my goal of... READ MORE

The tissue expander filled too fast. Why? (photos)

I had a mastectomy, then an expander to stretch the skin & muscle for implant. The fills 100cc at time, the last was 120cc, very painful & then the... READ MORE

What is maximum number of cc's anyone can get expanded? How many cc's to achieve a D cup?

I am a 35 year old woman who had a bi-lateral mastectomy in January. Prior to surgery I was a natural DD cup. I have tissue expanders in now, 500cc's.... READ MORE

Nipple-sparing prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders: What size is right for me?

I had a nipple-sparing prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders. Dr. put 100ccs in during surgery and I've had 3 fills of 50, 100, and... READ MORE

Should my 500 cc's filled tissue expanders? It feels really tight and painful weeks after last fill.

My 500 cc's filled tissue expanders are feeling really tight and painful weeks after last fill, is this normal? I was wondering if massaging them... READ MORE

True or false? How much can TE's be overfilled?Dr.Armando Soto,Dr.Anureet K.Bajaj,Dr.Barry L.Eppley&Dr.Peter E.Johnson answered:

3 years ago was posted this:"I wouldn't worry about overfilling your expanders,as they have a large capacity for tolerance of this","Tissue expanders... READ MORE

Subpectoral silicone implants with Tissue Expander versus Single Stage Implant with Alloderm and silicone implants? (Photo)

I am 38 years old. My natural breast volume is likely around 200cc. Before being diagnosed with DCIS I was going for breast augmentation. The surgeon... READ MORE

Is there such a thing as too much stretching too fast with the tissue expander?

300 cc at time of placement, 100 cc a few weeks later, anther 100cc a few weeks after that and the final was 120cc. I am 5' tall, weigh 105lbs. Told... READ MORE

Can I get breast expander implants for my augmentation or only saline, silicone etc?

I like the idea of not having to be constantly cut open & put under anesthesia, as thats not healthy for my body. As well as having saline pumped in... READ MORE

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