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"Feel" of Silicone Implant Under the Muscle Vs Real Breast

How long till a silicone breast implant mimic the real breast with regards to when one palpates it post op? like with softness, tenderness etc.... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 5'8" 140lb w/ Thin Breast Tissue. How Big Can I Go?

Hi, I was told by my PS that I have thin breast tissue and he will not go above 350cc's filled to 420cc's on me. I had another consult and... READ MORE

Implants Are Okay, but Natural Breast Tissue is Uneven. How Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

I received a breast augmentation in July of 2009. Before the operation my right breast was larger than my left and my surgeon said he would do his... READ MORE

A tuberous breast correction along with implants. My nipples are starting to get puffy and I'm getting worried.

I got a tuberous breast correction along with the implants . My doctor said in order to correct them he would take out some of the glandular tissue .... READ MORE

What's the biggest breast implant I can get with the tissue I have? 27yr old childfree female (Photo)

I was wondering what is the biggest breast implant I can get with the breast tissue I have? I am aiming for full cleave and a signifant size... READ MORE

How long after surgery can you tell if your breast implant has fallen below your tissue? How soon can it be corrected? (Photo)

17 days post op and since day 7 I noticed my left crease was an inch lower than my right. I had a lot of swelling but it felt like the implant had... READ MORE

Strong Tissue More Likely To Lead to CC?

I recently had 339C Natrelle Style 15 unders. I am exactly two weeks post-op. Healing seems to be going well, except for the fact that I may have... READ MORE

Tissue was removed from right breast got 425cc in left @ 450cc in right yet right is smaller why?

Can't get a pic at this time...just a curious question...there's a difference but not a huge difference, but enough to be concerned! just hope the... READ MORE

What is the best route to take in order to correct my breast asymmetry? (Photos)

There's two routes I can take. Either I can get two different sized implants put in or I can get tissue taken out of my larger side, get similar sized... READ MORE

Any downside to having implants drained in the office and then leave them in for 3 months until I decide my next step?

I currently have no problems with the implants. Just want them out. I know I will need the shells removed and a lift but I want to know how much... READ MORE

I don't love my implants, they're awkward looking and indented. I want to get this revised! (Photos)

I am 5'9" and 170lbs, I have 400 cc silicone implants. 5 mo. post op. These photos are what my implants look like when I stand up straight. I wouldn't... READ MORE

I did breast implant above the muscle; my breast dropped too low after 2 months. What shall I do? (Photos)

Now it look flat and hanging, my nipples are looking down. I am afraid to take off my bra because I'm afraid it my drop even lower?! My doctor says... READ MORE

My implants have fallen through my breast tissue. Can this be fixed? Will it be a persistent problem?

Silicone implant under the muscle, 5 months post op. Implants have fallen under crease mark and have made a wide gap in my chest. How can I remedy... READ MORE

10 months post-op. Implants too close and bottomed out? (Photos)

I had my augmentation last July and my implants are very close together as well as bottoming out. My implants are not below my incision line. How... READ MORE

Will a breast augmentation cost more if the lower pole needs to be scored?

In a different post, I posted a photo and asked if I have tuberous breasts. Many doctors said that they weren't tuberous, but that the lower poles... READ MORE

I need a second opinion. Do I need to get my implant out?

Five weeks post op there's a small hole so my doctor cut me open, washed everything out with antibiotics, stitched me back up. he said the skin was so... READ MORE

Does my right breast looks normal? (Photos)

I am 6 weeks post op. I am concerned about my right breast, I feel like it doesn't look quite right and I'm not sure whether it is because the implant... READ MORE

What is the best breast lift method for upper fullness? (Photos)

Small on top implant or shaping and taking out stretched tissue with fuller implant I don't want to bottom out. I've had many consults and very... READ MORE

Saline implants extreme temperature reactions. Any suggestions?

I read the responses to "can implants get too hot" or something along those lines, and I'd like to expound. Hypothetically, a woman with 3 y/o sub... READ MORE

Can breast be fixed after bad result? (Photo)

BMX, tissue implants ... Implants in ... Not equal ☹️ Are these fixable? See photo READ MORE

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