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How Long Should I Wait to Buy New Bras After Breast Implants?

I am 4 1/2 weeks out from surgery and loving my new boobs!!! I am sooo tired of these sports bras though and wondering how long before I should start... READ MORE

How Long After Breast-feeding Can I Get Breast Implants?

I am a 24 mother of two. I stopped breastfeeding my one-year-old child when he was 3 months old (over 9 months ago). My breasts have reached their... READ MORE

How Long is Too Long for Breast Implant to Drop?

I am 3 weeks post-op as of June 2. My right implant is still very high on my chest. I had put in 492cc filled to 520cc on that side. I do not believe... READ MORE

Losing Weight Before or After Breast Implants?

I am about 20 pounds overweight and not sure if I should lose the weight now then get breast implants or get breast implants then lose weight. Please... READ MORE

When Are my Breast Implants Going to Drop and Even Up?

Before 34a and even. Now 34d and I know one breast will drop before the other usually. had them done 1/27/12. My right breast is higher and my nipple... READ MORE

When Should I Have Breast Implants Replaced?

I had a breast augmentation in December 2000. I was wondering, when do I need to have them replaced? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks! READ MORE

How Long Do Large Breast Implants Take to Drop?

Hi I had breast augmentation on nov. 4th it's been 10 days and I'm wondering how long on average do implants take to drop? I received mentor... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Muscles to Heal After Implants?

I have submusculer implant 6weaks but i still have pain,contractions,i still feel abnormal? READ MORE

Can my Breast Implant Break During Sex

I had my breast implants almost 3 weeks ago and already had sex I'm nervous that maybe one of them popped I have saline the left one seems more... READ MORE

Post Breast Lift/Implant. When Can I Wear Underwire Bra, and the Most Effective Treatment for Scars?

I had a full lift with implants when is it ok to wear a underwire bra and also and what has been found to be the most effective product or treatment... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Subglandular Implants to Drop?

I am having 550 cc silicon implants placed over the muscle. How long does it take them to drop and how does that compare to implants placed under the... READ MORE

Will I Eventually Be Able to Lift Weights After Breast Augmentation?

I work out 3 days a week. I do a mixture of dead weights (only 15kgs) and cardio and I love running. I am wondering how long it will take for me to... READ MORE

14 Weeks Post Op. Not Satisfied with Results. Implants Seems Too Wide. When Can I Change my Implants? (photo)

(transaxillary silicon gel 250/275cc moderate profile). I am very petite 5’1” 103lbs, 26.5” ribcage. I am not 100% satisfied with the results. I feel ... READ MORE

Recovery Time for Breast Implants to Go on Vacation?

If someone gets breast implants on a Thursday, will they be able to go on Vacation by the following Friday? READ MORE

Shouldn't my Scars Be Nearly Invisible a Year After (Under the Crease) Breast Implant Surgery? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation surgery about a year ago, under the crease. I feel like my scars are not getting any better, they are thick and reddish... READ MORE

When Can I Do Push Ups and Sit Ups with Breast Implants?

I want to be an officer, but I must be able to do a minimum of 21 pushups to pass my test. I'm getting under the muscle mentor gummy bear implants... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Feeding Can One Get a Boob Job?

When can a mother who has recently finished breast feeding get a boob job?  READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Breast Implants to Even Out?

I got a breast augmentation 3 months ago on the 26 one of them still looks alot higher than the other. it is very noticible when i wear low cut shirts... READ MORE

Regarding Breast Implant Removal. What is the Best Time Frame for Explantation?

I am only a week post-op but fear I made a huge mistake. What is the best time frame for removal for the least amount of trauma to the breast (sooner... READ MORE

Just Went From An A to D Cup With 500cc. They Are Really High. How Long Will It Take For Them To Drop?

I Just Went from an A to a D 500cc and They Are Very High How Long or Will They Drop? READ MORE

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