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What Are the Pros and Cons to Textured Vs. Smooth Implants?

Are textured silicone implants firmer? Do they still feel very natural? I'm a thin girl, 5'3" and 100 lbs. I'm having my surgery in a week and a half... READ MORE

Textured Silicone Implant Vs. Smooth Silicone Implant?

What is the difference between the two? I read the smooth is a bit stronger than textured but can ripple? Also textured has less chance for capsular... READ MORE

Textured or Smooth Cohesive Gel Breast Implants?

My surgery is 10 days away but I still can't decide what implants to prefer Smooth or Texture? I'm doing it in S.Korea so there is a little... READ MORE

Textured Unders + Massages- Will This Prevent Capsular Contracture?

Hello, been looking around here but I do not seem to find a proper answer to my relatively simple question. >>Does massage /manipulation help... READ MORE

Natrelle Saline-filled Implants with Texture

I was to get saline implants without the texture. Today when I went to doctor he said he put in natrell textured saline implants and I specifically... READ MORE

Can 340cc HP Breast Implants Result to D Cup?

I am currently a saggy, deflated 34B. The breast implants that have been recommended for me is a 340cc HP textured silicone breast implants. Can I... READ MORE

Seroma in 15-year-old Breast Implants?

I have had textured saline implants for 15 years. Recently had left breast suddenly swell and become hard. Surgeon scheduled operation for capsular... READ MORE

How Much Does a Silimed Breast Implant Weigh?

I had Silimed cohesive gel textured high profile 350cc implants placed in March 2011. I am wondering how much does one implant weigh in US... READ MORE

Dimples in Cleavage Area when Leaning over

I 9 months post-op and chose round 375 cc high profile textured silicone implants under the muscle. At the time when I was choosing the size, I had... READ MORE

Would Gummy Bear Silicone Gel Be Firmer and Harder Than Cohesive Silicone Gel?

I was wondering if I should go with Round gummy bear silicone or round cohesive liquid ones. And also, should I go with Textured or smooth? What are... READ MORE

Ridge Under the Bottom of my Breast? (photo)

I am 3 mths out with a textured implant anatomical 425 cc i have a ridge under one my breast crease th dr says he can release the ridge and take out... READ MORE

Is breast atrophy the same as breast ptosis? (Photo)

I am scheduled for my BA on November 10. I am 37, breasted two kids and very very active. I am getting round, textured, silicone textured implants... READ MORE

How can I help my breasts to drop and fluff? I heard you're not supposed to massage textured implants, so what can I do? (Photo)

I've got anatomical textured 240cc implants under the muscle and my one side already got way smother and dropped a bit but the other one is still... READ MORE

Smooth versus textured Implants: Which is Best?

I am looking at getting a round "gummy bear" implants but don't really understand the difference between a smooth round vs a textured round. A couple... READ MORE

Hello, Is It Possible to Gain More Projection over the Next Few Months After the Muscle Has Relaxed More?

I am 5 foot 7 inches, 135 lbs. Breast augmentation 4 1/2 weeks ago. 375cc and 360cc under the muscle, mentor textured anatomical cohesive gel,... READ MORE

When can I start chest stretches after a breast augmentation?

I am 24 days post op from my dual plane, textured, round, 415 high profile, crease incision breast augmentation. When can I start gentile chest... READ MORE

Will These Go Up or Down in Size? (photo)

I am post-op day 5. I told my ps that I wanted a full D cup but not much more than that. We decided on round, textured, high profile and under the... READ MORE

Have my implants already dropped and settled? (Photo)

Hi, I had my BA done almost four weeks ago and was wondering if they have dropped and are settling into position? If yes, in your esteemed opinions,... READ MORE

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