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High or Low Profile Implant to Acheive Best Result? (photo)

I have been to quite a few consultations now and been told different things. A) Between 300-340cc CUI high profile under the muscle (implant: 11.5... READ MORE

Partially Under the Muscle Vs (Fully) Under the Muscle For Silicone Implants Pros and Cons?

What is the difference and the pros and cons of each. I want these for silicone implants with the armpit incision. Thanks in advance READ MORE

Will Type 5 Gummy Bear Implants Have Less Frequent Revision Cycle Than Silicone or Other Types of Implants?

I have often read the with breast implants come great maintence. The patient is subject to MRI's every 2-3 years and revisions every 5-10 years.... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Under the Muscle Implants for a Exotic Dancer?

I am a 34A I do not feel i am a good candidate for over the muscle implants. Would you recommend under the muscle implants for a exotic dancer who... READ MORE

Cohesive Level of Allergan CUI MHP Breast Implants?

I know that Allergan CUI breast implants are the low price brand and CUI MHP are responsive gel. I wonder, are they safe or not? What cohesive level... READ MORE

32AA Going for 350cc or 375cc For Fuller Breasts? 5', 108lbs, AA cup.

I am getting my breast implants in 2 weeks and i cannot decide either get 350cc or 375cc. I've been told that getting it done under the muscle... READ MORE

420 445 or 470 Extra High Profile Overs?

Been offered overs, either 420, 445 or 470, currently a 32b, want to LOOK a DD, which do you think will be best to achieve this but avoiding rippling... READ MORE

If a Breast Implant Bottoms out is Tacking Skin to Rib Muscle to Hold It Up Common?

Thats what i had done !4 months ago and it hurts on a daily basis. This is the 3rd failed procedure with my dr and i need help on what to do. READ MORE

I Need Some Advice About 500 Cc's Saline Implant Placement. Above or Below Muscle?

I've had 2 consults with 2 diff PSs & they both had diff suggestions.The first PS suggested Cresent Lift,500cc Saline Anatomical Implant... READ MORE

Sub Glandular Implants on Naturally Large Breast Vs Submusclar. 5'3, 150lbs, D Breasts. (photo)

Hi I'm 5 3", 150lbs thicker middle frame. I have always had full 36D breast until I had my 2 kids. Now they are a little less full. I have... READ MORE

Is It the Same 240 Grams of Cohesive Gel as 240 Cc?

Is It the Same 240 Grams of Cohesive Gel as 240 Cc? READ MORE

Best Incision Site for Droopy (Not Overly Saggy) Breasts? (photo)

I was told that an armpit incision for droopy breasts would cause the implant to sit high and therefore cause the bubble effect. Would like some... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Internal Support Using Sutures, Flaps Etc; What Should I Look For?

Hi, I'm very interested in the breast lift procedures that involve creating an internal bra or support system. Is this a common procedure and are... READ MORE

Allergan 410 or Round Silicone for Slightly Tuberous Breasts? Surgery in Two Weeks. (photo)

I am having surgery in two weeks and am still struggling with a few issues. The main one is whether or not I should use Allergan 410 implants (one... READ MORE

What Breast Implant technique has the best results regarding sagging? Subfascial vs Submuscular

I'm just wanting to know the if the subfascial placement will sag quicker over time then the submuscular? Yes I know that over time gravity will take... READ MORE

Why Do Some Plastic Surgeons Use a Lollipop Incision for Tubular/Tuberous Breast Correction?

I have moderate tubular breasts and from some of the scientific journals I've read, a peri-areolar incision should be sufficient for releasing the... READ MORE

Implants - Under the Muscle?

Do all implants go under the muscle? What's the difference if they don't? READ MORE

Small/natural Implant To Get My Fullness/Roundness Back? (photo)

I am a 34b and after 3 kids and breastfeeding they have "drooped" not much but prior to kids they were full and quite perky. I don't want to be much... READ MORE

In Your Experience, Which Breast Implants Have a Higher Complication Rate?

Hello: I'm considering having a breast augmentation and there is ALOT of information out there, I would like to have some feed back from the "experts"... READ MORE

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