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Tear Drop Vs Round Breast Implants for Petite Build?

Hi! I'm a 19 year old girl who is petite build, short about 150cm (4'9"), breast size about an A cup and is going to get Breast implants... READ MORE

Cohesive Round or Cohesive Teardrop Breast Implants?

I am aiming to obtain full nice round breasts with fullness in the upper poles but not that extreme that they will look not natural. I also would like... READ MORE

Are Gummy Bear Silicone Gel Implants Supposed to Look Natural?

Hello, I was thinking of getting a TEAR DROP shaped implants, and I was wondering if the gummy bear ones will give me the natural look for the tear... READ MORE

Risk of High-profile Saline Breast Implants Pushing out over Time?

I am an A cup (12.5 width) and I wanted to go with about a 425cc saline implant. I know that in order to do this I would most likely have to get... READ MORE

Headline- 421cc Round Midrange Silicone Implants turn out saggy.

Hi. I am 19yrs, 5'3, 120lbs. Pre-34B. Post-34D. 421cc. I got Round Midrange (Style 15- Natrelle) silicone implants (unders) 9 months ago and they... READ MORE

Teardrop Implants vs. Round Implants?

Hi there, im quite skinny and my boobs are small , i dont like the fake look of the round implants becoz i have pretty big ribcage, but all the DRs i... READ MORE

Anatomical or Round - Which Has Better, More Natural Movement?

Hello! I am a very petite 32AA and I want to achieve a C cup. Because of my fragile frame, many surgeons have suggested me to get silicon tear drop /... READ MORE

Do Tear Drop Implants Rotate?

I'm a petite A cup, I'm trying to get fat transfer first to get more breast tissue and a better basis for implants. tear drop shaped implants... READ MORE

How to Make my Breast Feel More Soft and Natural After BA? (photo)

Hey, I am almost 2 weeks post op from BA. I was a small B cup pre op and now I think ill be about a c-d. I had 335cc tear drop under the muscle. I am... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op Breast Augmentation 350cc Silicone Cohesive Teardrop and Asymmetric? (photo)

Immediately after surgery, my left breast looked perfect but my right breast is higher, odd shaped, and nipple is lower. Is there something that I can... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Lift to Achieve Tear Drop Shape?

I'm 27, no kids. My current breast size is 34FF I'm am 5'7". I want fuller breast shape and bigger but no bigger than 400cc. Will a Periareolar... READ MORE

Petite Frame Wanting Large Implants. Will This Take More Than One Surgery? (photo)

I'm 5'1'' and 105-110lbs. I'm currently a 32A/B with a ribcage of 26.5". I tried on sizers and I like the 600cc a lot. I know... READ MORE

C to D or DD: 350cc teardrop implants vs. Round?

I have a C cup but would like D or DD... is 350 teardrop implant good for me? I would like them as sexy nature as possible. For some reason this thing... READ MORE

Can Breast Augmentation with Silicone Cohesive Teardrop Implant Be Done with Transaxillary Incision?

Can Breast Augmentation with Silicone Cohesive Teardrop Implant Be Done with Transaxillary Incision? READ MORE

What Size Breasts Will I Have After Surgery Im Currently a 34B and Am Getting 270cc Teardrop Silocone Implants Under the Muscle?

What Size Breasts Will I Have After Surgery Im Currently a 34B and Am Getting 270cc Teardrop Silocone Implants Under the Muscle. I am currently a... READ MORE

Should I Get Teardrop Implants? Afraid They Could Rotate At Anytime?

I am going for a more natural look and have a slight tuberous shaped breast. i am only taking on a 330 cc implant. but am worried that after recovery... READ MORE

5'0" 106 Pounds, Very Petite. Should I Go with Teardrop or Round Smooth Gel?

5'0" 106 Pounds  Very Pettite .should I Go with Teardrop or Round Smooth Gel READ MORE

Is 450cc saline unders too big for me? I'm 34A/32B, 5'6", 140 lbs. I want to be a full D/DD, proportioned to my body. (Photo)

I'm getting a breast augmentation in 7 days and decided on 450cc saline implants under the muscle. I'm currently about a 34a/32b. I'm 5ft 6inchs 140... READ MORE

I Am a Size 8 Weighing 53kg, Height 162cm. I'm a Cup Size 34a, Will Do a Breast Aurmentation in November. Size Recommendation?

My surgeon has suggested a size 330 or 360.. tear drop natrelleplus implants to be inserted underneath the muscle. can you pls advise if i should go... READ MORE

Which type of breast implant is best for wide set/ splayed breast? And which size to have a natural tear drop shape? (photo)

Im a 32 years old mom of a 4 years old boy. I breastfeeding him for 14 months. I'm wearing a 34 A or B (small) depending on the brand. I have a wide... READ MORE

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