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Can a Torn Pocket Under my Breast Implant Be Repaired... My Surgeon Says No.. Really?

I had a breast augmentation 6 months ago.(440 cc silicone under the muscle) My breasts looked amazing. Last month I fell and injured my left breast.... READ MORE

Rip in Pocket Surrounding Breast Implant

Is it possible to "rip" the pocket your silicone implant sits in? I have under the muscle silicone implants for 8 years. No problems. During exercise... READ MORE

Did I Tear a Muscle or Closed Internal Stitching?

Hi, 5'5 118 lbs. Went from a small 34B to aprox 385-400 CC, under the muscle, saline, crease incision, 2 wks post op. Last night while watching... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Fix This Type of Torn Breast Pocket? (photo)

I read about floor compression to prevent/fix capsular contracture. I tried that and now my breasts are completely distorted. It was very painful as I... READ MORE

Do Partial Closed Capsulotomy Tears Repair Themselves on Their Own?

I used too much pressure massaging and caused a partial closed capsulotomy on myself by accident. My implant is bulging through the crack/tear in the... READ MORE

Tear to capsule around implant after working out - Will it repair itself?

I had ba on nov 28th 2013 I returned to the gym several weeks later on the ok of my consultant and think I over stretched my chest . I returned to my... READ MORE

Can silicone that has leaked from a breast implant on the left side travel to the right axillary lymph nodes?

Silicone breast implants 2008 reconstruction after left sided breast cancer. 2012 discovered enlarged lymph nodes right axilla. Implants explanted... READ MORE

18 months post with possible capsule tear. The PS I saw says to wait 6 months to correct. I don't understand this logic.

I saw a PS yesterday. Not mine because he wasn't in but a partner in his office. He believes I have a capsule tear allowing the implant to move more... READ MORE

Did I tear something?

I am 2.5 weeks post op. I got 375ccs silicone gel through the nipple. I rolled over to my right side in bed and felt a terrible tearing sensation on... READ MORE

Over the muscle silicone implant stuck to muscle.

Hi my surgeon did a revision on my OVER THE MUSCLE implants in Dec 2015 to try to release the tethering around the implant. The breast still goes rock... READ MORE

Tear in capsule, will it heal on its own? (Photos)

I am three weeks post op from my breast implant replacement. I removed saline implants from under the muscle and replaced them with cohesive gel... READ MORE

My implant popped out of place after a frontal fall. Did I tear the muscle?

I fell at work a week ago full frontal fall hitting the concrete floor, damaging my face, breaking two front teeth bruising my left knee my right palm... READ MORE

Clarification to my last question. Possible capsule tear and taking Accutane.

I was just prescribed Accutane for my skin. I coincidently have a problem with my LEFT breast at the same time. PS said wait 6mnths to do any... READ MORE

Had breast implant surgery 4 months ago; we did an exchange for a larger side possible tear?

Was helping a friend move that evening was having horrible pains right breast towards cleavage area. Hurts horribly to laugh and lay on right side no... READ MORE

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