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Is my breast implant bottoming out? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op. My one breast (the right one) is sitting a bit lower than the other. The PS told me that my breasts will never be perfectly... READ MORE

Symmetrical Lumps on Both Breasts After Implants

I had saline implant surgery on 6/9/10 under the muscle. I noticed a lump on my left and right breast after surgery. Imagine a clock... facing me... READ MORE

I'm so unsure about the size. My doctor wants to use 360cc in my left breast and 420cc in the right. (Photo)

Age: 31 - 142 lbs (64 kg) - 5'7'' (170 cm) - cup: 32/34 C - under breast: 73-74 cm. My doc wants to use 360cc left breast & 420cc right,cause... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks Post-Op and I'm concerned that my breasts are not symmetrical and do not match. Will I require a revision? (Photo)

I had 421cc silicone submuscular via inframammary incision. I'm concerned that right is high and wide and left is low and long. I'm worried that I... READ MORE

750 cc silicone over the muscle, is that normal for my size? (photo)

I'm 5'7 125 lbs. Am I going to big? He also said my nipples probably won't be symmetrical, why is that? READ MORE

I'm planning to get under the muscle silicone implants. What size will bring me to a full C/small D: 371cc or 397cc? (Photo)

I've nursed several children, and want a fuller look to my breasts. One is smaller than the other, will I need two size implants to achieve a more... READ MORE

Will my breast even out and be symmetrical? I've had a cold since surgery and feel it's getting worse instead of better (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post op. I'm worried about symmetry. Also I've had sinus pain and a sore throat for 2 weeks (which isn't unusual for me) but it seems to... READ MORE

Will 325 CC mod + get me to a full C cup? Or should I add on a few more CCs, or less? (Photo)

I am 5'3, 107 lbs, and 22. I currently wear a 32 A. My breasts are pretty symmetrical and round, just very small. READ MORE

Oh god this is embarrassing, but what can be done to achieve somewhat symmetrical breasts? (Photo)

I've been told I have a pretty serious case of hypoplasiac breasts and it's been affecting the way I live and feel everyday. I feel like multiple... READ MORE

Should I be worried? My breast implants are uneven. (Photos)

17 days after my argumentation and I'm not happy with the nipple not symmetrical or lined, I have a Ridge down the centre of my breast and the crease... READ MORE

Is this much swelling on my right breast normal 14 days post op? (Photo)

Hello, when I first had my breast augmentation my breasts looked very symmetrical. After about 5 days I noticed the right breast looked quite a lot... READ MORE

Can saline implants have a slow leak? If redone, can they be made symmetrical? If removed will my breasts be asymmetric?

I am 38 years old, 5'9" and 127 pounds. Ten years ago I had saline implants under the muscle. I went from a small B to a large C cup. When done, my... READ MORE

What surgery will I need to fix my breasts? I would like them bigger, non sagging, symmetrical and smaller areolas. (Photo)

Can all of these things be done in one procedure? I'm planning on going to overseas next year to get breast augumentation, however I know that just... READ MORE

Breast augmentation to achieve fuller and symmetrical breast after pregnancy (Photo)

I dislike lifts since I scar horribly would like a natural full breasts even if not the perkiest to get rid of the deflated breasts, the result of... READ MORE

Will my implants settle (fairly) symmetrically? (photos)

A week ago I got sub glandular anatomical implants to correct asymmetry. I know the results won't be perfect, but I am really distressed by how uneven... READ MORE

Breast implant gone funny shape. Have I been too rough and something has happened? (Photo)

I got 275cc round breast implants over a year ago and they were perfectly round and symmetrical. Just this month (about 12months post op) I noticed... READ MORE

My boobs are far apart and not cooperating... anatomy or fixable? (Photos)

I'm 10 months post-op with 325cc textured shaped implants (under the muscle) which took me from a big (round and very symmetrical A) to a C. But I... READ MORE

Left breast is higher then the right. Will it ever go down or will I need revision? How long will I have to wait? (Photos)

4 weeks post-op breast aug with 485 cc gummy high profile under the muscle. I'm having muscle spasms and tighthness mostly on the left side. The right... READ MORE

Can Implants Alone Help Asymmetric Breasts?

I have asymmetric breasts and have done since they developed. One is C/D cup, the other DD+ cup and less full than the other. I'm desperate to make... READ MORE

Do you think that my nipples will be symmetrical in the final result? (photos)

I am 5 days post op. I had 300cc on my left and 375cc on my right. The whole reason for having this procedure is so that I would be symmetrical. I am... READ MORE

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